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Travel to Denmark to meet my penpal that inspire my life

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Hello everyone,

I’m Dayana Mohd but most of my friends call me Donna. Just like the name of the wonderful character from the American TV Series, “Suits”. I was born, raised and still staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a beautiful place and I’m blessed to live here.

I’m 23 years old and currently still studying to become a nurse. I’m a little bit behind compare to my other friends since I took two years off before while dealing with my life and everything that happened in my family.

Inspired by him, I continued my journey and started to believe that the world is beautiful if only I know how to see it, in the right way. Oh ya, I also working a part time Job as a Partner Service Executive in one of the online food delivery company in Malaysia and part time as a Cleaner for Klang Valley area. My friends laughed when I told them that I work as a Cleaner too, but to be honest it is such a great experience. I learned a lot everyday and even though it can be tiring sometimes, it still make me happy. Especially the feeling of achievement when I able to make something look much better than before.

It's him, my inspiration

He once asked me, “ Do you have anything to ask?“

But me being a new friend (penpal), I don’t know what to say. I obviously don’t want to ask about his eyes or his picture. So I just said “How’s the weather there?” Haha so cliche.

Then he told me, if you wanna know. I’m blind, I can’t see since I was a child but it’s not something bad tho. At least I can listen to what this world can offer me. And that words just make me realize how selfish I am. How blind I was.

Our Friendship

We know each other from a penpal account. He “poked” me and text me asking where do I live? Does my country beautiful and what I love to do.

From that, we exchanged contact number and we started to talk.

Sometimes we sing to each other and he plays his favorite guitar. And sometimes when I was busy cooking he just asked me to leave the phone on cause he wanna listen to sound of the fried chicken and the chopped vegetables.

I was lucky enough to know someone like him. He always positive and know how to enjoy his life, the one that we can live only once.

It has been my dream to meet him

He definitely know how to enjoy life and I just love his positive energy.

It has been my dream to meet him. And to thank him for what he did to me. He make me a better person.

Something bad happened in my life, and I came to a moment where I hope I won’t wake up from my sleep. But it’s all change after I knew him. There’s a lot I wanna say here but all of it just can’t be put into word.

PLease support me to Denmark to see him

We are 9,773 km and 6,073 miles apart. Meeting him will be a dream come true. I’ve been saving a lot before but sadly some of the money I happened to use it to help my relatives during this COVID-19.

And here I want to state that, if you have an extra money and there’s another person that you know might need it. Donate to them first cause mine is not an urgent case.

Thank you!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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