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Talento Azul is a non-profit corporation, legally constituted since 2011, which provides a comprehensive teaching service to boys and girls between 06 and 12 years of age, from commune 18 (hillside area) in Santiago from Cali Colombia.

Being commune 18 in Santiago de Cali, a hillside area where many children from low-income families live and where the same social situation limits the possibilities of accessing complementary teaching programs, our corporation has brought them the opportunity to belong to a free comprehensive education program that will surely change and improve your lifestyles!

Talento Azul is a soccer school that offers its sports children "a teaching program made up of three complementary processes" that are articulated with each other and that progress progressively like children according to their age, motor, technical and cognitive abilities.

At Azul talent, while the children have fun… They learn to play soccer, discover their artistic abilities and stimulate their creativity.

They also make friends, share with the family and take advantage of their free time.





Sports process - Creative & cognitive process - Social process.

* The Sports Process (grassroots football): It guarantees the learning and development of the basic skills of the sport of football, through continuous and structured sports training planning, logically with a competitive approach.

* The Creative & Cognitive Process: It aims to stimulate in our athletic boys and girls their main cognitive abilities (memory, attention, Concentration, language, reasoning, problem solving, among others) as well as discover and enhance their artistic and creative abilities.

This process is developed through the TalenTo CreArTe program where different Creative, cognitive and artistic activities are carried out, with the aim of stimulating, discovering and enhancing the artistic talent that our children have, thereby trying to “provide them with life tools as an alternative to sport. ”. In this process, the bases of music, drawing, stories, painting, crafts, theater and logic games are explored with them.

* The Social Process: Prioritizes the "Being" focusing on preparing and training good human beings, adding to this participation in environmental awareness campaigns and caring for the environment.

With the activities of this process, it is sought to prevent the most marked problems of their social environment such as:

Crime, drug addiction and domestic violence.

Each month the discovery and application of a virtue is promoted, making sports and creative teachings focus around it, to know it and learn how to apply it in your life.

In March and April we saw Solidarity and now we are in the month of Gratitude!

Currently, a total of twenty (20) children are beneficiaries of our program, all of them inhabitants of the hillside area of the eighteen (18) commune in the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia and we want to take our program to many more children.

So we invite you to "be a blue friend" and ... share our link, support or link to our program.

With this we will achieve that more boys and girls can have fun with us and be part of Talento Azul at no monetary cost to their family.

(With these supports we intend to expand the coverage of the program to at least sixty (60) boys and girls).

And you also help our boys and girls to:

* Train in suitable conditions. (Pay the monthly payment of the different scenarios that children use - purchase Implements)

* Have the appropriate inter-institutional staff. (Support the payment of teachers - professionals)

* Receive the appropriate teaching material. (buy more educational games, for children's learning)

* Access psychological counseling.

* Modify and positively focus your daily habits.

And especially, you help us to "Create opportunities that improve lives"

I would be very happy if you use the [Help by sharing] button to share with my project!

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