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Assistance to the artist for surgeries

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Hello everybody

My name is Miko Vlado (Volodymyr Mynka). I am an artist. I am 57. I live in Myrhorod, Ukraine.

I have been fighting against pain and suffering for over two years. I used to fully provide for my family.

3 surgeries for removal of the gallbladder, hepatic cysts and haemorrhoids were assigned to me

I lost 40 kg within 3 months in 2018. It was caused by mistake made by physicians in state clinics. They made incorrect diagnosis and gave a wrong treatment to me. As a result, it induced other diseases: acute calculous cholecystitis (gallstone disease), hepatic cyst, haemorrhoids stage 4, colitis, irritable bowl syndrome, altered defecation pattern, fluid loss, amyotrophy, nervous disorder, hyposomnia, loss of appetite, disimmunity. Previously, my normal weight was 94 kg. It is 54 kg now.

You can see in the picture that there are many small stones in the gallbladder and the gallbladder does not work. Thus, the stone can block the bile duct at any moment. It is life-threatening.

In order to relieve my pain and to avoid blocking the bile duct by stones I lie only on my right side all the time. My life has turned into daily torment and suffering due to the food indigestibility by the gastrointestinal tract. I have constant girdle severe pain in the hypochondrium, in the intestines, constant unformed stool with blood several times a day, vomiting, ailment. These symptoms can't be eliminated by any medicines any longer. I almost do not eat.

My current problematic position

I have been unable to work for more than two years because of these symptoms. I stay in bed all the time because of severe pain, acute attacks and ailment. Thus, I have no money for surgeries assigned a year ago.

People involved in arts are affected financially the most because of Covid-19. Only private clinic can make a surgery at this point.

Very bad economic situation in Ukraine and the state system make citizens to pay for medical services independently. There is no state medical insurance in Ukraine.

Cost of surgery

I need 3 surgeries urgently – to remove the gallbladder, hepatic cysts and hemorrhoids and long-term treatment since cancers of gallbladder, hepatic, pancreas, intestines, rectum or Crohn's disease may develop very fast. The worst thing is that there is a threat that bile duct may be blocked by stones at any time. It will lead to the sudden death. The cost of one surgery amounts to $ 5100.

My promise and dream

I have a dream – to recover as soon as possible. Funds donated by you will help me to receive surgical treatment and recover so I could be able to keep my family and continue my creative activity.

You can find me on Facebook: Miko Vlado (Volodymyr Mynka), page – Art Miko Vlado, tag – #mikovlado or on Instagram – art_mikovlado. I will provide additional medical reports, tests, prescriptions, to everyone upon request, since there are a lot of such documents.

Can you help me?

Regardless of how much you decide to donate $ 3 or $ 100, I am sincerely grateful for your help. Blessings, health and happiness to you and your family!

I would be very happy if you could use the [Help by Sharing] button to share my project.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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