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Help me rebuild a roof damaged by Storm Amanda

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Hello everyone

I am Gerardo Barrios from Central America El Salvador from the municipality of Apopa.

Our house needs repair

Our ceiling has been rotten and damaged for more than 2 years with many leaks and leaks, which have damaged many furniture and electrical appliances and the walls as well.

Our jobs are affected by Covid-19, and then came Amanda's storm

I was very excited because I had started saving with a lot of effort to be able to change the entire roof of my little house, but due to the Covid 19 Pandemic the economy crashed and my wife lost her job due to a total quarantine and Well, we were forced to spend everything we had little by little until we reached the point of being left with nothing

Then, surprisingly, Storm Amanda came and destroyed many things in our country and we believed that our roof would collapse suddenly since many sheets were broken, the water was filtered in many parts, the truth was that those days we were with my family with great fear because when we were asleep we had to get up to put crates because our beds and furniture got wet from the strong storms

Roof damage

As in the photo is my house, the metals full of mold, the ceiling stained by moisture, broken pieces and the bricks in pieces because the ceiling was lowered because the structure no longer supports it as before

There is a part of my house that has suffered more than another, to the point that I touch the roof of my house with my hand without stretching and I have managed to cover areas that lack a roof by putting a piece of old sheets or a piece doors and other types of materials that support the structure are already bent by strong storms

Please help us repair our roof.

It is a friend who convinced me to request this humanitarian aid in Airfunding because I have always tried to fight for my goals and dreams with a lot of effort but today I am very sad and desperate because my income can barely cover the expenses of my two children and my wife due to the situation we live in the world

We are still in winter and I know that my roof will not hold anymore that is why I ask for your great help no matter how much it is, God, and life will reward you twice.

With these funds I will buy all the materials to have a new roof such as:

Metallic sheets

Structural polines

Anticorrosive paint

Wall waterproofing



Rods and


For my part I promise that I will continue to fight for my family with a lot of effort and I will continue to rebuild what is missing from my home damaged by the storm Amanda the winter and the global Pandemic, I wish all those who have me much success in your life help in any way many greetings and hugs from a distance ...

You would make me very happy if you used the [Contribute by sharing] button to share my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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