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I want to pay my mom’s treatment

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Hello to all the readers,

Today, I want to tell you my story.

First, the scam

2 months ago my sister had a problem with her cell phone and she needed it for her classes at school. I decided to buy a cellphone for her. I work and that's why I could buy a new one, I just needed to wait for my deposit to be able to use almost all the money to pay for the new cell phone.

I was looking for pages where they would sell cell phones at a reasonable price because in my country, the stores raise the price of cell phones a lot. I found a seller with a good price and decided to contact him. All the time I was excited to be able to give my sister a new cell phone. I was able to talk to the "seller" and we reached an agreement, I had to pay half of the cell phone and when he arrived, the other half would be deposited. When a few hours passed, the man told me that I had to deposit the second part because the carrier had to confirm the full payment and I believed him and I did.

Until now I keep waiting for the arrival of that cell phone that never really arrived. But the story doesn’t end there.

I was already sick from everything that had happened and another bad news came.

Second, the virus exposure

As we all know there is a new virus and a lot of people are dying. In my family, many people have died from this virus and my parents and I received a visit from my grandfather who was infected but we didn't know. My parents who have the knowledge of medicine, they recommended him where to go and even to assume the expenses.

I started to worry about my health and also about the scam.

Mom needs financial assistance to recover from COVID-19

We went to do a quick test which gave a negative result for COVID-19. My mom and I already started to feel some symptoms of COVID-19 so we went to the hospital, but there were many people and they didn’t take us into account.

We had to go to a clinic and pay to be treated and also to get a molecular test. the result was delayed and 3 days later they did not say that we were with the virus. My mom had other health problems and I was very afraid that something would happen to her.

Days passed and she was getting worse and we had to take her back to the clinic and pay. We had savings for each of us but they were not enough for his treatment so we had to take out of our savings so that he can continue with the treatment.

My mom is much better but we were missing an amount to pay for the last treatment and we didn’t know how to pay for it, we put the car up for sale but it hasn’t been sold until now.

Why did I mention the scam first?

Part of the money I paid for the “phone” could cover part of the payment we need to make now, but in my country justice is corrupted and they could not do anything with this scam and now my dad and I are looking at ways to find the remaining money.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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