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Help me to build a real survival kit for everyone!

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Survival Kits are necessary for everyone

No one wants to be in a situation where they have to survive. All known survivors in extreme conditions got into this situation against their will. Someone drag himself or herself in this situation, of course, without rational thoughts. And most often "kick out of reality" happens quickly and unexpectedly, without time for collection and preparation. What they were wearing, with what was in their hands and pockets. All advertised survival kits, especially

- "72-hour ultimate survival backpack" usually stays in the most obvious place

- at home, or in the car. In addition, the same backpack is completely unsuitable for everyday wear, they are too large, prominent and heavy

- the same water supply for 72 hours weight 10 kg. Only water, excluding food, tools, tents, and so on.

Imagine that you have to walk about 40 km through the forest in the winter with 25 kg on your shoulders. And it's far from the fact that it will be the only 40km. However (Good new is ) there are two approaches, solving this problem:

1) Miniature Survival Kit in a Tin Box; and

2) Specialized Set of EDC (everyday care).

A compact size survival kit is in development progress

Both are equally worthy of consideration and respect. Those who find themselves in non-standard circumstances with a lighter, a knife, and at least a couple of chocolates have a 50% -60% chance to survive.

The more different items you have with you, the more chances you have to get out of danger with minimal losses. However, these approaches also have two drawbacks. The main one is "how to carry this with you in the gym and at the banquet?"

Agree, the "Altoids tin" will look strange in a set with an evening dress, and the "Leatherman Charge TX" cannot be comfortably arranged with you in the gym. If your answer is "Well, you can put it in your purse, or put it in a locker for 2 hours" - then your answer is not correct.

The multi-tool will not reach you with its legs if an earthquake starts, and alto-ids tin will not jump and stick to your hand if you lose your purse. The next stage immediately suggests itself - miniaturization. What causes the next problem "what will fit there?” This is the second major problem known as the "rule of three"

3 hours in the cold

3 days without water

3 weeks without food

More or less, there are cases when a person survived without food for 3 months, and without water for a week - but these are exceptions. Also, "armchair survivors" often write here "3 minutes without air" - but if you find yourself out of space then....sorry.

However, according to statistics, breaking the "rule of 3" means that badly reversible changes will begin in your body, and you will not be able to improve your health while drinking tea with honey. So, it turns out that you need at least something with which you can light a fire, something to disinfect water, and something to get food.

In other words, integrated.

Introducing the XtrI'MKit

Small size (85mm* 55mm* 17mm) Fully integrated kit with 20 "must-have" items to survive in a real emergency situation

Knife with Stanley blade (c) is integrated with the backside, and can be easily removed or replaced. Also, at the backside, you can find a total of 1m of armored tape.

Overall in kit you can find

1) Plaster

2) Water disinfect tablets

3) Weather-resistant matches

4) Tinder

5) Blade

6) Liquid-filled compass (insertable)

7) Flashlight with strobe and SOS mode (48h runtime)

8) Solid alcohol tablet

9) Multi-tool with spark producer

10) Addition sinker

11) Water storage container (condom)

12) Alcohol Cotton Swabs

13) Wire

14) Small saw

15) Striker

16) Sinker hook

17) Straight needle

18) Curved needle

19) #11 Scalpel

20) Kevlar fishing line (about 10m)

21) Flint road

Help us to make it commercial-grade product

I already invest 3000 EUR to this product development and has a lot of different types, items, lot of experiments that were done in the past 3 months. Include CAD learning. So, I need some funds to proceed.

I planned to build a commercial-grade product of these survival kits. 3D printing is the best to choose because it is environment friendly,

The collected funds will be used to buy 3D printed and materials and commercial my products

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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