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Safe motherhood and neonatal health improvement

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Hello! My name is Frimpong Veronica Gyamfua, I'm 26 year old and I'm from Ghana, living in Bawku city, upper east region.

It's a privilege to write to you to help me in this project to support the health of mothers and their babies. I want to give them the highest standard of nursing care!

To promote the health of mothers and children

I'm here to write to you to help me get funds to support my education.

I'm a community health nurse but assisting in midwifery work. I have been granted to study degree in midwifery but the money involved is huge and I'm also the bread winner of my family.

I lost my father in 2015 and my mother too is not working so I took loan to support my family, but now I need the money to continue the education to acquire the skills and knowledge I need.

The month will end and I got only $5 to take care of the family. I have a lot of siblings but none of them is able to move forward. I really need help.

I wake up and start crying everyday. In Ghana, if you are a nurse everyone think you have money but we are seriously suffering because of money. Prices are very high.

To pay my education fees

I lost my father in the year 2015, 25 of September. My mum was a teacher but she is retired now so she takes only $14 a month. As we are renting an apartment we had to take a loan to support the family.

I got a nursing job but my monthly income is not enough.

I have 5 siblings, one male and 4 female.The ladies couldn't go to school but my brother completed university. However he hasn't got any job so far. My sisters got themselves pregnant but they haven't a husband that could help them with the daily expenses.

Now Ghana is facing a lot of financial difficulties that even my colleagues, officers are all suffering. I lost all hope about making my dream come true.

I want to become an ambassador in promoting health of women and children.

If I achieve this goal I will become an ambassador for health, prevent people from delaying in decision to go to hospital, delay in seeking medical care, delaying in reaching the help they need.

I will be able to visit patients in their homes and help those who needs medical care and services.

I will use it to pay the school fees

I will use the funds to pay school fees and also if there is extra I will use it for logistics because my facility lacks a lot of logistics too. Due to the loan I took, am not able to a save a penny. School will start on 25 of May of next year, God willing.

If I achieve the target I will go to school and study the program to be able to help my community to have a sound and clear mind to come and seek medical care and will try to make the care free for everybody so they can benefit the importance of seeking medical care.

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