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This is Tyson - He is fighting cancer

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Hello everyone,

I am Anahi Lora.

This project I made is for my friend, Tyson, a half sttafy half pit bulldog, he is 4 years old and we are from Mexico.

Diagnosed with Sticker's sarcoma

Earlier in August, I noticed that Tyson was bleeding from the genital area, that same day he was diagnosed with Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (Sticker's sarcoma).

The vet suggested 2 treatments that should be started as soon as possible, as the tumor reached a considerable size to cause bleeding but it is still in a treatable stage. The options are:

• Surgery: with a not so favorable recovery rate, and

• Chemotherapy: efficient and very effective

Support for Tyson Chemoteraphy expenses

Due to the pandemic and other factors, the chemo we need (Vincristine) is out of stock in practically the entire country and it is necessary to import it from a private supplier. Fortunately, we were able to find a supplier that ships within 24 hours.

The treatment consists of a minimum of 4 sessions. 8ml of chemotherapy once a week for 4 weeks.

The money from this campaign will be used solely and exclusively for:

- Buy 6 doses of chemotherapy *

- Pay the shipping costs of the medicine

- Cover the special cares that Tyson requires and extra expenses of the clinic.

* Extra doses that if not used, will be donated to help another dog that needs it.

The same happens with the money, whatever remains will be donated to help street dogs.


We know that the situation in which we currently live is complicated for everyone before you decide to donate let me tell you a little more about Tyson.

Tyson is a rescued street dog. For years a group of dog-loving people who rescue stray cats and dogs tried to help him and his pack, all were adopted except him and Oso. Tyson was a grumpy and distrustful dog, he did not let anyone hug or touch him, much less put a collar on him, however, he was never aggressive or bit anyone.

He and his best friend Oso lived on the streets probably their whole life or most of it and unfortunately, the stigma of pit bulls has made Tyson lead a somewhat complicated life, unlike Oso. He was abused, beaten, and even ran over by a truck on one occasion. A few days before starting the rescue process, someone kidnapped Tyson and abandoned him in another state, we went to pick him the same day they called us to report him as lost.

My brother and I earned their affection by playing and feeding them before getting on the bus and going to work. When we returned they accompanied us to our house until it became a daily activity. As time passed, they decided that they no longer wanted to leave.

Both were adopted, they are inseparable friends, and both of them suffer from anxiety or depression if they get separated. Tyson not only keeps Oso happy and sane. I myself suffer from depression since they got adopted I got two important reasons to get up every morning, exercise with them, get out of the house to walk them, and being more active in general. They are my life.

Due to the mistreatment he has suffered, he has many scars, he is missing several teeth and continues to distrust people, but unlike what many people think when they see him, he is a very noble, affectionate, and playful dog. For him, there are only a couple of important things in life, his favorite soup, his ball, his best friend Oso, and us.

Now that you know a little more about Tyson, any show of support is more than grateful, share the campaign, donations, or good luck. We will be happy to keep Tyson for a really long time.


Anahí & Oso

Pd: Also, I want to show you just a tiny bit of my appreciation. I know is not too much but if you want, in exchange, I'll be glad to draw your pet as a knight of the guard of fluff & toys.

Here's the example with Oso.

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