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I want to make my dreams come true and I know you will love the idea

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Hello Friends :)

I am Ashley Donis and I am 29 years old, so you know me better, my nickname is Traveling Panther, I am a person who before all these unfortunate situations traveled, I am from Guatemala, and tourism in the last few months has had a strong impact.

the impact of the pandemic on tourism, my reflection

After spending a few days in mandatory quarantine and wanting to study, I felt a lot of despair and anxiety, because the freedom I managed while traveling was not taken from me but limited to 4 walls, thanks to COVID-19. p>

That's why I started thinking, always focused on tourism and travel, (because I know that once the boundaries are lifted, people will need contact with nature, they have to get out there and explore), which I never found something that would identify me as A backpacker, never finds travel articles or clothing more than souvenirs from any region.

Developing a brand for travelers

That's why I decided to create my brand and traveler range of accessories and clothing that allows me to transmit my emotions, phrases, words or planes in clothes / accessories that identify the "soul of travel". So far from the idea that came up during the crisis, it was a dream that hadn't come so far.

WORKING CAPITAL: Machinery and raw materials

and to start with, it takes capital and work equipment, where I need your support to be able to raise my working capital and turn this little dream into something big, business ideas make me excited and have my own business.

Quality machines and raw materials cost me a total of USD 6,000, which is huge, the accessibility to get that amount is very difficult for me and more so now in times of crisis, I can't fall asleep thinking about how to do it for me to work and completely change my life.

La Pantera Viajera product line

All funds will be used to buy first-class machines, make designs with the best quality, and choose the best raw materials on the market, because I have this I also want to be an exporter of my products and Understandably, products with designs that will be worked on will be under the line "La Pantera Viajera" is:

* Hats with traveler designs

* Scarves

* Shirts with sublimation

* Travel t-shirts with designs

* Traveler keychain

* Hanging rope for lock

* Gym bag for travel

* Sublimated Cell Phone Holder

* Mug

* Aluminum pachone

* Among many other things


Here are some examples of how it looks


Basic Keychain Model: Sample design.


Travel mug: design with logo

Travel mug: design with a colorful logo

Pachon for aluminum explorer

Pachons for aluminum travelers: Design examples


Traveler shirts: Design models 1

Shirt for traveler: Design model 2

Black shirt for traveler: Traveler design 2

Sports Bag

Sports Bag: Model design

More about me

If you want to know more about me, you can locate me on the following social networks:

Facebook: @LaPanteraViajera

Instagram: @LaPanteraViajera

If you really love the idea like I do, help me to make this possible and you would make me very happy if you used the [Collaborate by sharing] button to share my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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