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Against CANCER in times of Covid-19

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About Us?


I'm Karla Granados and I want to talk to you about Edwin Yair Mercado, my sentimental partner, we have Danna, our 3-year-old daughter.

Our Journey

Edwin Yair is a 25-year-old young man who at the beginning of 2020 had a job as a Freelance, a maquiladora, and loader; Faced with the Pandemic, the logistics sector was paralyzed, leaving him without a job,

in addition to his job, we had a small business selling wings and potatoes, which had to be taken off the streets due to contingency since he was ambulant, and finally, we sold t-shirts and sold them out of our home, but the suppliers stopped opening and supplying therefore without money or suppliers that business also failed.

We live in Coyotepec Estado de México, it is a large but sparsely populated town, where there is water twice a week, the internet is a privilege and transportation to workplaces is expensive and the medical service is only basic.

What is our problem?

Edwin Yair started with testicle inflammation in February but without any other symptoms.

Not against social security, we began to see private doctors and government health centers, but he was treated with different problems such as inguinal hernia, kidney infections, hydrocele; But no treatment works,

April 20 finally referred to a urologist tells us that it is a tumor and schedules an operation on April 27 we arrive with an internment order for the operation and we find the General Hospital of Atizapán closed for contingency Covid-19,

we began again to look for where he wanted to attend him, after a month we found the "General Hospital of Mexico, Doctor Liceaga." Where he immediately went to Oncology, where after studies it is revealed that he has TESTICULAR CANCER WITH INFILTRATION IN THE LEFT LUNG AND LEFT EYE, by June 15 Yair loses sight of his left eye and a deviation of it is caused.

Severe symptoms such as intense pain in the lumbar area, pelvis, and legs begin, preventing mobility, intense pain in the left lung which caused respiratory failure, pain treatments are considerably increased, increasing from a 1/4 patch to 1 1/2 patch with injectable ransoms.

After studies and consultations, he managed to start chemotherapy on August 4.

This first session comes out with good results since the tumor has reduced in size and it is detected that in very intense light, the darkness of the eye is cleared up and the pain in the lungs has practically disappeared.

What does Edwin Yair need the funds for?

In these times of Pandemic, it has been practically impossible to achieve economic stability given the basic living expenses for us and especially our daughter, the surprise costs of treatment have put us in serious trouble, although we are already given a great discount we have reached the point of not being able to afford the treatment, therefore we only make the necessary expenses such as pain treatment and chemotherapy. However, we have pending studies:


• Visual field

• Blood studies that will be for the next evaluation,

• Subsequent consultation payments

• Pain patches and rescues

• Surgery to Remove the right testicle bearing CANCER

• Hospitalization for operation and the two remaining Chemotherapy sections

• Payment of the two pending chemotherapies.

Help him to fight the cancer

The sooner we obtain the funds to cover these expenses, it will be possible to consider saving the eye, eliminating the main source of cancer, and knowing exactly the severity of it, which could give us the possibility of a more specific treatment or at least not be held back in the treatment for our economic situation.

Tentatively, the operation could be scheduled for September 8 or the 15th at the latest if necessary, and followed by chemotherapy will be applied around September 22, so set the time to collect until October 1, but my expenses are continuous.

We are a family of faith and thanks to God he has given us different opportunities and helps to continue forward, giving thanks to God and asking him to bless each person that our story moves his heart and in his possibilities this supports us, I thank him and may his blessings be multiplied.

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