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My mother needs your help.. Please help us!

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I Narriz Alfonso 33 years old from the Philippines..  begging you please help me to raised funds for the operation of my mother, she needs to undergo operation as she suffer for three years a sebaceous gland carcinoma, this cancer is located at her face , affected almost full of her face, her nose was totally damage also her eyes now can't see clearly and I am afraid of that the TUMOR  will go up to her skull and may affect even her brain.. 

Every week before the MECQ here in Manila,  we always have an appointment to the doctor this is to monitor her and to check up her condition.. the doctor suggests that she needs a biopsy to know what kind of TUMOR it is.. And to know if it is life threatening,  as the hospital protocol she first needs a SWAB test But that was too expensive because today there is no public hospital would accept her because of Covid-19 and I am really sad because I know it may cause a so much PAIN to her we do not have the financial resources to go to expesive hospital and get treated. Therefore, all your support will be used to cover her medical expenses,operation, radiation treatments, so that I can send her to a private hospital where she can find the treatment for her illness, 

she always praying that someone help us because the operation may cause $10,000-$15,000 (almost a million in peso)as the doctor estimated the operation needed for her to removed the cancer covering half of her face and she brings back to her normal life. So that I am raising a funds for her. Any amount is appreciated❤️.. 

I am full housewife and the occupation of my husband is tricycle driver we have 4 children and the youngest one is 9 months old..  Me and my mother are living now together because my father and my brother are both deceased and Its difficult for me to have huge amount for her operation because of covid 19  i know everyones are affected☹️, and also after operation she needs to go a radiation to complete the process and the cancer will no longer back.. so that again I am begging to your good heart ❤️ seeking HELP..Please help us!

 A million thanks.. God bless everyone and also to those with good heart..  Please Help my mother.. 

Your donation is a big HELP to her and even to our family as we go through up to to her fully recovery..

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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