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Hello everyone!

We are the people of Monterrey City, México.

Covid-19, the unprecedented pressure to our city

The Covid-19 crisis has hit the industrial Monterrey, México hard. With nearly 50 thousand confirmed cases, more than 2,000 deceased and an average 1,400 patients in care, our city´s hospital occupancy remains above 80%, with no clear positive trends on sight. In the whole country, cases are well past half a million, occupying number three in deaths statistics around the world.

Covid-19 affected groups around the region and Texas are seeking health care services to this city

Many of the affected groups come from different areas and regions around our city. Monterrey is an important health-care hub in North East Mexico. Besides caring patients from different regions in North East Mexico, our city is also receiving much more patients from nearby United States, the state of Texas. Bed scarcity problems was getting serious for the past two months, practically overwhelmed by Covid-19.

Lack of shelter for patient's family

Many of these victims come to Monterrey without any hospital bed availability certainty, often accompanied by relatives and friends with no secure shelter and support sources of any kind. In our particular case, about 300 floating population, composed of both the sicks who are waiting for a bed or next-of-kin, stay 24 hours below a bridge located beside one of our public hospitals, without any sort of sanitary facilities whatsoever. Sadly, death and contagion among those staying there is common.

The relief response initiatives by local people

As a relief response, we, the volunteers from surrounding neighborhoods, have organized relief crews to work in shifts rotation. So far, we have managed to offer patients and families meager breakfast and lunch, water, cleaning supplies, cheap masks, antibacterial gel, and second hand clothing. All this relief activities was carried out by religious, social, communication, dental and medical care base volunteers.

Please support us for this cause, for the long run until 2021

Of course, our effort is by far insufficient. And we can not work alone, as we set the goals.

Our goals include to offer the victims hot meals three times a day, tents for shelter, basic sanitary facilities, professional Covid-19 protection equipment and full video/audio communications tool to communicate with the hospital, along with simple funerary services for those who lost their loved ones.

According to local disease forecasts, this operation has to be continuously sustained until at least spring 2021, and we expect a marked contagion spike as winter settles down in our area in November-December 2020, with a maximum historical floating population of 500 people below the bridge.

Please give...

With no government support on sight, we have managed to maintain these people in need at a minimum of relief, but clearly the time has come to rely on alternative financial sources in order to achieve our goals and prepare ourselves for more challenging condition.

We are sure Airfunding benefactors will help us greatly to achieve our goals.

Our people in need and our voluntary crews really deserve a helping hand.

Best, from Monterrey, México

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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