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Let's help the Sahara Nomads!

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Hello, everyone,

We, Moha and Zaid, were born and raised in the Sahara Desert, in Morocco. Besides working as tour operators, we also work as tourists guides.

"Giving is not a blame that is owed. It is a seed that you sow"

Working in the tourism industry brought a tremendous impression, which has been remarkable since our childhood. Due to the gifts (sweets, clothes, gel pens, …) that were given by tourists, we used to be those children who get so excited when they see tourists discovering the region or have accidentally lost their way and ending up in our hospitality. This gracious act of visitors lent an inestimable value to our personalities by making us realize that "giving is not blame that is owed. It is a seed that you sow".

Connecting people through tourism

As a result, we came up with the idea of becoming tourist guide and we see it as a career that allows us to conduct tours for visitors as well as meeting and helping the nomads' families.

Turning a dream into reality

After we had made every effort and concentrated more on our career by creating tours and a road network in this wild desert, we were finally able to record satisfied results for visitors and locals alike. There was only one peculiarity that disturbed us, namely a person who can provide healthcare assistance.

A year later, it would seem that the sky has heard our wish. After booking a trip with her family to discover the Sahara Desert, we met Lena.

Lena is a Canadian general medical practitioner. After she had experienced a story during a camp night in Sahara where an old man recognized our firewood and came to us asking for help as his wife was about to give birth, Lena had no hesitation in offering help and planned 2 - 3 trips per year from Canada to Morocco to serve the call of humanity.

Nomads' Life

The majority of nomads today live from their cattle. Therefore, nomads spend a certain amount of time in a spot that meets their herd's needs for water and grazing, and they live in tents that they take with them when they change locations.

In terms of their livelihood, nomads have to walk to the closest town, where they can sell a goat at a weekly market so that they can supply their nutritional needs.

We rise by lifting others!

Since Morocco has confirmed the first cases of Covid-19 and the airports have been closed, the business is rapidly declining. Nevertheless, we still provide the support, even the last two months have been hard for these nomads, the kids our families. Because the savings are almost over.

Nomads innate life values we respect

Despite the scarcity as well as Covid-19, the nomads are still known for their hospitality, sense of family, solidarity and hope. Furthermore, they have an innate sense of respect for both their pets and livestock.

Please support us to care for the nomads

There are ten families in the area, where each family has between three to five kids. For now, the goal is to continue resisting during this pandemic by supporting and caring for these people until the end of this year.

On behalf of those nomads, we appeal to your kindness, generosity and philanthropy to participate in this project.

Together, we can put a smile back on the faces of all these kids, and their families.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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