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I need to buy food and medicine for my kids, please help.

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Hi everyone.

My name is Cecile, I have been loving taking care of cats

Took care of over 50 cats

I never thought that I would be a mother of 50+ now. My original is just 7 babies however I adopted the rest because the previous owner can't take care, some are stray cats which I also adopted. I am taking care of all by myself in a rented apartment.

I am doing my very best to look after them, I have actually exchanged having to roam and my freedom over them because I am thinking that If NOT me there's no one here now who wants to care for these cats especially this time of the pandemic.

Difficulty on took care of them by myself

I had already sold all my precious things in me, run out of all my savings because for 3 long years we are in and out of Vet hospitals 12 of them got very sick of Panleukopenia Virus, the other 2 are still having a chronic upper respiratory infection and chronic sinusitis, I don't have regrets though as long as I am with them, I am still trying to find work online ( not that easy ), there's no transportation at my place yet.

There were times that I am really feeling down because I don't have support from my family, some of my friends don't like what I am doing but I believe that even a "tiny breath " has the right to life and live, animals depend on human and in my heart we must take care of them.

That's why I am knocking at your heart door to assist me to sustain their life, we got this erratic weather now and most of them need Vitamins and Meds to boost their immune system, two of the kittens have hyperthyroidism they shouldn't get hungry, It's like their muscles are melting fast every day, honestly I cannot afford to buy a proper meal for them now( cat food ) however I cannot continue also to have them eat rice only... for all are having an upset stomach, they can't digest it ( three recently died ).

There are cats that have not been neutered yet and yes I will use the funds to have them neutered hoping that the situation changes, like our transportation. I am doing things one at a time but my biggest issue also is I don't know where I can relocate all of them for I am being evicted from the house (someone reported that I am taking more than 2 cats. (I am just thickening my face to stay still).

Nobody wants to be in my shoe, all are saying I need to save myself especially now where Covid19 is rampant everywhere here.

Usage of the funds

What we primarily need is food and medicine (Vitamins and supplements), but I write below, hoe exactly I needed to spend for taking care of them

* They are consuming 7 kilos ( 1 sack of Special Cat dry food ) in 3 days

so that's 30 days divided 3 = 10 sacks (1 sack cost P750.00, this is the cheapest food choice)

* Wet canned Whiskas last time they are consuming 14 cans a day but I cut it to 3 cans a day, I can cost P81.00, so that's 3 times 30 days P243x30 days = P7,290.00 + P 7500.00 = P14,790.00 in total

*cats milk, the Ceelin drops a small bottle would cost P 131.0 15ml, I need to give them now Immunol P750 per bottle to boost their immune system because their flu never goes away because to the weather and the iron dust from our back house.

*Neutering cost P1,000 including the antibiotics for the male cat (that's the cheapest, the normal is P20,000 which I spent previously with one cat this is in private vet hospital but most of the vet hospital are from P15,000 up (at the moment I have 4 male cats to be neutered, I am thinking not to spay the female anymore because I find this expensive )

* Vaccination is P700 1st visit and another P700 for the booster I've 10 cats to be vaccinated, I think this is too much too.

Help me to take care of them

I need the support of energy from you guys, I will take care of each of these cats till my last breath,

your $1 or P1 can go a long way and I thank you in advance, Let's pray for each other as well.

Bless you all and take care.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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