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I want to help my "priority care group"

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Hello everyone

Members of our family who are elderly

My uncle and my grandfather (seen in the photo) have lived as part of my extended family all my life, my uncle is a person with physical disability, specifically progressive muscular dystrophy and, on the other hand, my grandfather is at about to reach 90 years although it sounds incredible.

I speak specifically of the two of them because although we are 7 people in total in my household, they are the ones who need it the most, my grandfather is suspicious, you know, that characteristic harshness of older adults, and that makes him have food apart to use them and not have to ask and as for my uncle he prefers "do not disturb" ...

They used to receive the solidarity bonus from the state but now it is canceled

They used to receive the solidarity bonus from the state (Ecuador), with which they covered some basic needs, the rest being covered with the head of the household (my stepfather). One day they said that they would re-evaluate them for the bonus, and without further ado, they took them away, since then they have been deprived of some things, but thanks to the head of the household (albeit with scolding teeth) we managed to survive, on my part as Student and intern without pay could not do much more than be an additional expense.

Unfortunately, like most people, COVID made our economic situation very bad, and like misfortune She never comes alone, my two companions and life caregivers have had certain health difficulties due to their disability and age; My grandfather's case is arthritis and physical discomfort (he usually has an injection that I don't know but has not been given in these months) and my uncle has pain in his legs that he attributes to the disease and the cold of the city (I live in the mountains which does not help much).

Our family is sick with COVID-19

We have fallen ill with COVID-19. We were very careful and followed the safety regulations, but unfortunately my stepfather has been called to work, we do not know exactly if it was on one of his bus trips to work, at work, or when shopping for the family but we have sick, the only healthy ones at home are my brothers.

For all this they have come from the public health center to see my uncle and grandfather (due to their priority condition) and they have told us that we reacted on time, that they were just beginning so the risk of the worst happening to them decreases They are also medicated, and although they had very difficult moments and they looked very bad now, they have improved a lot to the point of being able to see them as in the photos.

What you see in the photos is just one of the recipes that we have had to buy at home, so we are very short of money and living with just enough.

Please support us to meet your basic needs.

That is why I turn to you, I feel useless in this situation and talking about the needs leads to discussions in my house because of the bad economic and emotional situation we are going through, and every day that passes we seem to be worse .

That is why I have put that amount to cover medicines and vitamins for my grandfather and uncle, basic food and toiletries, and being very optimistic, if it is possible to get there, even buy some blankets and heaters so that do not get sick anymore, because the roof is made of tin and it tends to get very cold, so that would help a lot ... and in that way help those who helped me and took care of me while I was growing up ...

I want to give them a better quality of life ... and I will greatly appreciate your help to be able to fulfill it even for a moment ...

Have a great day!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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