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Support us to create the ecological brush of the FUTURE

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Hello everyone!

My name is Arnoldo, nice to meet you. I am from El Salvador and I am quite interested in the environment, because I want to leave a good future for the next generations.

What are we going to solve?

The problem is that we produce a lot of garbage, especially in everyday objects, such as toothbrushes. Considering that the average person is going to use 300 toothbrushes in their entire life, that's too much plastic. So I thought of something to fix it, until I came up with this idea.

It is a fairly simple concept, since the main objective is to reduce the amount of materials used for their manufacture, mainly inorganic ones, and as fewer materials are used, the use of energy to build them is reduced, which in the end is translates as a decrease in pollution.

In addition, the production of waste caused by this type of products would be reduced, since less plastics would be used, this can be achieved thanks to the fact that the handle will be made of bamboo, a durable, biodegradable and sustainable material.

As if that were not enough, by reducing the materials, the cost of the final product would be reduced, in short, the product would not only benefit the planet, but your economy as well. Since having a reusable handle, you only have to change the head every three months (as recommended by dentists).

The polymer head with nylon bristles will be the only thing recyclable and thanks to its millimeter precision it will stay in position until it's time to change it.

Use of funds:

I need that amount to buy the materials, pay for the labor (since the experts would do it with better quality and in less time) and standardize the head molds, all with the purpose of facilitating the creation of the first brushes.

The use of the funds will be entirely for the manufacture of these eco-friendly toothbrushes, both for their bamboo handles and for their interchangeable heads (which will be of different colors so that you give them your touch of personality).

The deadline to support us is October 9, 2020, after that date I will get to work to bring them to reality as soon as possible.

THANK YOU for believing in this project

I would have loved to give additional benefits by receiving your donations, at the moment the only thing I can offer you is THANK YOU for believing in the project.

I will also keep you up to date with an Instagram that I have created for the project: @ecofriendlytb.

We will even carry out a survey later to give you an official name, obviously chosen by you.

If you can't help financially, no problem, although it would help me a lot if you share it with your friends, family or on your social networks.

You would make me very happy if you used the [Collaborate by sharing] button to share my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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