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My name is Irina, I am 59 years old, I ask you to help our family.

I have a son, Taras, he is 28 years old. We live in Kazakhstan. 8 years ago, due to his gullibility and youthful stupidity, he found himself in a very bad situation.

We had to sell our two-room apartment

It is very difficult to remember everything, but adults will understand that many children try to hide their problems from their relatives. He got into a criminal situation in which he had to take out loans from banks. But in order to solve all the problems that arose, we had to sell our two-room apartment. I also took out loans.

The problem is that we have not been able to close his credit history for many years. At this time, we have the opportunity to pay only my loan, because I have been officially working for many years as a cleaner in a hospital.

Due to a bad credit history, our situation is unlikely to improve

Before the pandemic, the son always worked unofficially, because his bad credit history does not allow him to open a bank card with which he could receive a salary at an official job. He also cannot go to work abroad, because due to a bad credit history, by a court decision, he was closed to leave the country. And going to work illegally is a risk that we are very much afraid to take.

My salary is 150 dollars a month, my son earned about the same amount before the pandemic. My mother still lives with us. Here is my salary, my mother's pension, my son's earnings are enough for the monthly payments on my loans, because in difficult times my credit history helps us out with a small amount.

Situations arose different, we are all human, especially at my age and the age of my mother, she is 82 years old, we often get sick. So all our expenses are the payment of my loan, food, utility bills for our one-room apartment and the purchase of medicines at the pharmacy.

We have a dream to get out of these debts

We have a dream to get out of these debts so that my son could live a full life. So that he could go to work abroad, many men from our country go to work in Russia, to Europe and help their families very well.

But we ourselves have not been able to cope with this problem for many years. Therefore, we decided to tell our story here and ask for help from sympathetic people. My son's debt is almost 2,800,000 tenge, which is about 6,600 dollars, if you add my debts, the amount will be about 10,000 dollars.

Our dream to begin with is to solve all the problems of our son, to pay off his debts to banks, to make him a foreign passport so that he could get a good job in Russia or Europe and we could cope further on our own.

Please help our family

I love my son very much and it is hard for me to look at the fact that because of one mistake in life, he does not live a full life.

Like any mother, I only want happiness for my child. But it's hard for me that we cannot solve this problem ourselves. We indicated this amount because we do not know whether people will be indifferent to our problem, but we very much hope that people will be able to help us raise money that will help our family.

We are grateful to this site and to all the kind people who have the opportunity to help other people in solving their problems. We understand that our situation is not standard and it turns out that we do not even receive moral help from many of our relatives. So we decided to tell our story here.

We will be happy to communicate with you. This is my son's facebook page: Also, if you want, we can communicate in skype, viber or whats app, my email is

We will be very grateful to you for any help. Thanks to all kind people.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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