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Sanitary Pads Campaign for Underprivileged Girls in Kampala

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Philia Initiative Africa is an organization that seeks to cast a light to the world of young people by exploring their talents and sharpening their minds to a life of endless possibilities. Our ultimate goal is to pour out love to a people in desperate search for it, to bring to their young lives the beauty that lies in the power of love.

Our Vision is to be a ray of love and hope to young people in the World. Our Mission is to draw young people to their God ordained fulfilled, wholesome life; by nurturing and empowering the talent, wisdom and ambition that lies within them. The Values we hold are those of love, identity, leadership, worship, talent and mentorship.

At the Philia Initiative Africa, we are bridging the life skills and promoting the inclusion of teenagers and young adults from low socio-economic groups in Africa. This is consistent with our broad intervention programs which provide care, education, empowerment and social inclusion to school going teenagers and other young people in vulnerable groups. We believe that teaching life skills based on Christian values to this category of teenagers between age 13-17yrs and young adults between age 18-25yrs life skills will provide tangible empowerment, the opportunity for creative engagement in solving problems as well as access to participate in the burgeoning economy of their countries.

Philia Initiative Africa is a registered non-government entity operating in 10+ African Countries with our Base Operation head office in Kampala, Uganda. We are an operational NGO, meaning we plan and carry out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish our objectives. This requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement for each project.

The Sanitary Pads Campaign for Underprivileged Girls in Kampala slums seeks to give the girl child an equal chance to compete and lead a fulfilled life. Underpriviledged girls in Uganda and Africa miss 5 days of school per month on average when they are menstruating due to a lack of menstrual hygiene knowledge and resources.Most are pulled out of school, married early,and many end up not clearing their education.

With your Sanitary Pads donations girls in urban slum communities will become more confident,will have a  high self-esteem, and this will reduce shame about puberty and their bodies. Philia Initiative Africa believes that your donations will increase school attendance rates and will improve girls' quality of education, and by effect, their economic opportunities.

Philia Initiative Africa Sanitary pads campaign is aimed at donating sanitary pads to 300,000 underprivileged girls by end 2020-  Provide urban slum girls with sustainable sanitary pads and comprehensive menstrual education- Increase the self-esteem and creativity of rural girls to fight against poverty.Our Sanitary Pads Campaign targets school-going teen girls from urban slum communities. 

Philia Initiative Africa wants

-Improve school attendance among Kampala slum girls

-Provide teen girls with sustainable sanitary pads and comprehensive menstrual education

-Increase the self-esteem and creativity of teen girls to fight against poverty

Philia Initiative Africa is raising funds to distribute free sanitary pads to all underprivileged girls in Kampala slum communities in Uganda. 

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