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URGENT: Ophelia in a state of mental health

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Hello everyone,

We have resorted to crowfunding to cover the Emergency that has arisen with the health status of Ofelia Rosa Caballero Lugo, a young Venezuelan, 32 years old, who has fallen into aggravated mental illness over the months because of quarantine.

Her situation in Brazil

She is isolated and alone in a camping hostel, in the state of Paraná, Brazil, a short time from Foz do Iguaçu. Click on the link to donate

The young woman does not take care of herself at all, a few days ago she has not eaten, she is not receiving medical treatment, she refuses to open the door of the room, the managers of the hostel have tried to provide her with food and some attention and denies.

She has no money and her food is spoiled. The person who cared for her has decided to leave and left her completely alone.

Reacts in denial, and on the defensive.

He is isolated in a room, where the light does not turn on.

She is in a state of infantile regression, psychosis, agoraphobia towards people who try to get close, without hygiene or sanitation, incoherent in her communication, but she can answer her phone and communicate with her mother, sister or friends.

Her mother in Venezuela and her sister in Argentina have no resources to solve her problem

Her mother, Yoraima María Lugo, lives in La Villa de Todos los Santos de Calabozo, Edo. Guárico, Venezuela, is a primary school teacher and does not have the resources to solve her daughter's precarious situation.

Her sister, María Mercedes Caballero Lugo is in Argentina, Córdoba, works and resides permanently, however, due to the closing of borders, she has not been able to move to attend to her sister, for which we ask for help from the embassy of Venezuela in Brazil represented by Mrs. María Teresa Belandria, who, on Tuesday, September 1, referred the case to the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Brazil's foreign relations, for them to consider the exceptional measure of transit from Argentina to Brazil. To date, we have not yet obtained an additional response from the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.

We have contacted the following: Mormon church in Brazil, Volunteer Groups in Brazil, Friends, and Friends of Friends in Brazil, Rotary Panama who made contact with their friends in Rotary Brazil, The same hostel manager, Baptist Church, Arepa Viva Foundation for the processing of the transit permit between provinces in Argentina, the Venezuelan Embassy in Brazil who made contact with the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, and Citizen Service, through social media channels.

We have also been looking for hospitals or clinical centers that can receive Ofelia and treat her until the situation of the closure of borders due to COVID-19 is solved. To date, only one parishioner of the Mormon church was able to visit Ofelia, cycling to the camp and communicating with her, but she did not open the door as she is scared, and feels unprotected.

How can we help her

In this campaign, we are covering the following:

- sister's and patient's food

- patient hygiene supplies

- transport of the sister and the patient

- payment of medications for emergency and long-term treatment

- money for the lodging of the sister and the patient while they hospitalize and preventively diagnose the patient

- money for reception at the place of arrival (Venezuela or Argentina)

- medical tests that may include complete blood count or hematology, CT scan to scan her neurological status

- Professional fees from a psychiatrist

- Professional nurse fees for her care and attention

- Psychological treatment and / or professional fees of the psychologist

- Expenses and eventualities from the previous examinations, not included in this previous list

Let's rescue Ophelia as soon as possible

We have great faith that we can raise most, or all, of the campaign, and be able to rescue Ofelia as soon as possible, for the greater good of Ofelia, and the greater good of all those involved in the resolution of this emergency.

If you want to get in touch with Ofelia's family, you can write to us, preferably only NGOs or Organized Foundations and verifiable existence.

Thank you very much for your great support and solidarity, God reward you abundantly in good health, prosperity, good work and love.

Collaborate by sharing to raise as soon as possible, even if it's $5 at the same time, together we can add help for Ofelia.

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