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Help for my esophagus transplant please 🙏🏻

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My name is Ornella, I am 31 years old, I live in Lima Peru, I am a publicist and I was preparing to fulfill my dream and I believe that my life purpose is to be a spiritual therapist.

I took acid without realizing it

Until in January of this year I had an accident, I took acid without realizing it, at the first mini sip I realized it and tried to throw it away, but the damage was done, I almost died, I was saved from dying thanks to heaven, but my esophagus, mouth and I had damage to my stomach, they operated on me emergency to do a jejunostomy (which consists of putting a tube in the stomach connected to my small intestine to be able to be fed there) everything that happened caused me to triple the anxiety, something I already suffered from.

In February, in an X-ray with contrast they saw how my esophagus was and it had closed, they call it burn stenosis since January I only feed myself with special milk through the jejunostomy tube, now I am with Ensure, I lost a lot of weight from 57kg to 43kg and almost at the end of February the increasingly intense pain of the esophagus began and too much salivation and phlegm since I can not do anything. Despite everything, I remained strong and positive, grateful to be alive and full of faith.

Two urgent operations I need

Then about a month ago I had the pain from the jejunostomy itself, which shouldn't hurt, but they are terrible, unbearable.

I am not exaggerating if I tell you that sometimes I literally feel that I am going to die of pain, something bad happened there and they will have to remove all that and have to reoperate there, do a new jejunostomy to be able to continue feeding until they can operate on me the esophagus, which is what I have the most serious.

Both are urgent operations, the esophagus transplant is a very complex and multidisciplinary operation and there are very few specialists on the subject and it is very expensive, there are no specialists in hospitals, only private individuals and amounts to almost 70 thousand soles and then comes the last operation which is to replace my stomach and remove the jejunostomy once I can start eating normally.

Help me to be a normal girl again

I have been like this for almost 8 months and I am not really living, I am surviving, unfortunately with this pandemic that has hit the whole world everything was on standby, at home everyone lost their jobs and it is impossible for us to gather such amount of money to be able to return to my normal life and fulfill my dreams and everything that I have left to live.

Now I am only surviving as I tell you and every day it is more difficult to bear and bear, I have less strength because the pains I have are too strong, I still hope, but it is becoming more difficult, physically unsustainable and emotionally already I am depressed and struggling with that because everything seems so far away, so complicated and I can't stand it anymore and the pain and discomfort are getting worse every day.

I am writing to ask for your help to be able to operate on me please help me to be a normal girl again, to be able to eat normal and do my things, I will be forever grateful to you and you will always be in my prayers and I promise to work to serve and help to everyone I can because that's a dream I have.

Thank you in advance and may God or whoever prefers to call him fill you with abundant blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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