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I want to launch a Medical Chatbot Assistant for pregnant women

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I am Karen Valencia, a resident doctor in Medellín, Colombia.

Why is it important to care for pregnant women?

The pregnant woman presents a series of physiological changes that include physical and emotional changes. It is a transcendent stage in which it demands greater family, social and health team support.

To these changes are added the possible complications related directly or indirectly to pregnancy, which is why the rapid detection of alarm signals and timely access to health services make the difference.

Complications and mortality of pregnant women

75% of maternal deaths correspond to hemorrhages, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, infections and unsafe abortions.

The highest rates of complications and maternal mortality are found in developing countries and most of them are considered AVOIDABLE. Unlike these countries, almost all women in developed countries have access to an adequate number of prenatal consultations framed in programs with high quality standards.

Prenatal control and access barriers

For the year 2017, 415,440 births to mothers who had less than 8 prenatal check-ups were registered in Colombia, 214,440 had between 8 and 12 and 18,870 had no control. 72.1% of the women were between the ages of 15 and 29.

Thus, during pregnancy, access to health care must be guaranteed both at the primary level and at the medium and high complexity levels, in the ambulatory, home, hospital and emergency settings.

There are access barriers in the country for the prevention, identification and management of the risk of complications during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium. These barriers are not only social or geographical but also administrative, which are related to excessive procedures, delay in authorizations and care, insufficient hospital and specialized network, disintegration of care and insurance.

The quality of information available to pregnant women may be related to late diagnoses and a worsening of the prognosis. In many cases, you do not have the tools to identify early warning signs of pregnancy. On this, it has been documented that the accompaniment of pregnant women by health teams has shortcomings in terms of quality, timeliness and relevance.

AI solutions to help pregnant women

ORIGESTANTES is the solution that I want to develop to reduce the gap in orientation and direction in health for women in a state of pregnancy.

It is a Chatbot that, through a simple questionnaire based on artificial intelligence algorithms and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, will allow the pregnant woman to answer a series of questions aimed at detecting alarm signals and Accordingly, they will automatically receive orientation, recommendations and directing to the emergency service if applicable or to the ambulatory medical consultation service.

ORIGESTANTE will provide access to the pregnant woman 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reducing the access gap to health services, will send alerts to the medical team and will allow the pregnant woman to schedule a priority medical appointment or will direct it Call the emergency department if you show danger signs.

This is a technology-based health project reaching not only the country but the entire Spanish-speaking community with the potential to benefit millions of pregnant women in the world.

Support us with financial resources to develop ORIGESTANT

Phase 1 of the project requires an initial investment of $ 4,000 for technological adjustment and piloting.

If you identify with this project and it is within your reach to make a voluntary contribution, it will be great for all pregnant women who will benefit from the continuous orientation in health. I will share the progress with you so that you can follow the evolution of the project and even propose improvements.

I have a DEMO video but to be able to publish it I need to add 3 supports, once I achieve it I will upload it so you can see it.

Total thanks !!!

I leave you my networks in case you have concerns, contact me and I will gladly explain the project in detail.

Instagram: v2.karen

Twitter: @ karen_2v

Facebook: karen.valencia.180

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