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Help publish my first book about capoeira around the globe!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Natalia, I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

How do I know capoeira

After graduating from school, I went to study linguistics, and then sports management. Since I was 20 I have been working as a translator and travelling a lot.

At the age of 19, I was a volunteer at the Sochi Olympics. I liked it and wanted to go to the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. I started to study Portuguese, and after a while I found out that there was capoeira in our city, I decided to try ...

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that has won the hearts of thousands of people with its beauty, rhythms and philosophy.

Capoeira was born in Brazil when African slaves fought for their freedom and practiced martial arts to music and songs. This struggle is over and capoeira has become a unique feature of Brazilian culture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Capoeira as a powerful social tool

Now capoeira is a powerful social tool for the all-round development of your body and making friends. Capoeira promotes values such as freedom of choice, equality, unity, health, friendship and respect for knowledge and experience.

The capoeira community is inherently very friendly. If you are a capoeirista, you have a huge family that shares these values.

Talented capoeiristas began to travel and show capoeira to the world. Now it is found in almost all countries on our planet.

It is about these capoeiristas, these extraordinary people, that my book will be.

How was the idea for the capoeira book project born?

Traveling and capoeira is my way of life. I have been to 26 countries, lived and worked in 5 countries.

Since I got into the world of capoeira, I have friends and kindred spirits in any country in the world who will gladly accept, help and even host me at their homes. Traveling has acquired a new meaning for me, and now in any country I first of all go to meet local groups.

I was in Israel, the USA, Brazil, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Italy and in many cities of Russia: Krasnodar, Sevastopol, Kursk, Moscow and St. Petersburg - and everywhere I was warmly received at the classes, they gave me a lift after class and hosted me during seminars or my visits.

In 2019, I was walking at 6:00 am by a beautiful lake in South Korea and realized that I want to know how capoeira got to all these countries, to learn the history of people, national characteristics - I want to know everything! And tell the world about it. Tell stories of people who were among the first to succeed with capoeira outside of Brazil.

How is Brazilian martial art with African roots seen in Asia? And in Europe? In the USA? What do teachers and students struggle with? What does is take to move to another country and start your life from the scratch? How did non-Brazilian teachers make their way in capoeira? How do Brazilian teachers get used to a new mentality?

I was fascinated. Hopefully so are you!))

I have asked these and another 12 questions in my interviews and…well, get your copy of the book and you will know what happened next!

Work that I have done already: interviews and materials

The first interview took place on August 3rd, 2019 in Korea. Now, after a year, I have already accumulated 200 pages of material.

So, I have conducted 11 interviews out of 11 planned. I only spoke with people I met in person, in whose academies I trained. All interviews are accompanied by a description of the country or city, national characteristics and my impressions of the place and communication with the person.

Most of the respondents were interviewed in English. At the moment, work is already underway to translate these interviews into Russian. 70% of all interviews should be translated by the end of August 2020. All the interviews and materials in Russian will start to be translated soon after.

Some photos from the travels described in the book!

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Seoul, South Korea

Shanghai, China

Hong Kong

Livorno and Bologna, Italy

Milan, Italy

Why do I need money?

I want to present the project to the world. It must be of high quality and beautiful. And I would like to do it quickly and not stretch the execution for a year. I need to process and release materials asap so that the information in them is as relevant as possible.

Most interviews are in English and need to be translated. English ones - into Russian, Russian - into English. All 200 pages need to be proofread and edited in two languages. The book must be registered in Russian and English with the assignment of an ISBN.

It is necessary to add illustrations and make the layout beautifully to make it modern and interesting to read.

Before the start of sales, I need to print books in both languages with a minimum circulation to start the process.

The publication of the book in Russian is planned for November-December 2020. The release dates for the book in English and Portuguese will depend on funding for the project, presumably in the first half of 2021. First in English, then in Portuguese.

The book will be released in all popular electronic formats and will be available for purchase primarily in Play Books on all Android devices, and then in other popular reading applications.

The first printed circulation will include 50 books + those that will be sent as a reward to those who support the project for an appropriate amount.

More about costs:

Russian editor - US$530

English editor - US$800

Translator - US$330

Illustrations - US$300

Layout - US$100


ISBN in English - US$40

The first print run in Russian - US$100

First print run in English - US$100

The goal

Upon reaching 50% of the declared amount, I will be able to pay for the work of an editor (Russian) and an artist who will complete the illustrations. This way I can publish the book online in one language, which is already very good!

If the funds raised exceed the goal, the remaining money will be spent on the next parts of the book.

To write the second part, I plan to visit the following countries / cities: Cyprus, UK, France, Spain, Kiev, Ukraine, Germany, Tokyo (Japan), Indonesia, and then all the countries of the world. Why not?!

Interesting? Support the project with any amount, please!

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