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Help a small school in Payunia, Argentina

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My name is Carlos Duran. I work at the Secondary Shelter School N ° 4-205, “Embajador Pablo Neruda”, it is located 70 km from the city of Malargüe, on Provincial Route 186, near the limits of Laguna Llancanelo and at the foot of the Carapacho volcano, who gives the place its name.

This school building is also shared by Elementary School No. 8-705 “Carapacho”. To guarantee the effective fulfillment of the right to education, students reside in the school for a specified period within the school year, the first half of the month being used by primary school and the second by secondary school.

Not enough room

The school building has 4 classrooms, which are insufficient for the normal development of classes. This is why the 5th year receives them in the dining room, with all the discomfort that this entails.

There is also no room for the preceptor (which works in the corridor, next to the school bathrooms) or for the psychopedagogical cabinet (which is located at the other end, at the end of the corridor). p>

As a school warehouse, a room is used which is, in turn, the principal's bedroom.

The state of the facilities, which is generally poor

In total, 42 students attend the secondary level, between men and women, who are joined by staff working in the establishment. For this, there are two shelters. They are in poor condition, as they are very old, with wooden walls. In some places, when it rains, it causes leaks.

The beds used are of the "bunks" type, which are mostly in very poor condition. There is a significant shortage of blankets, sheets and padding (most are in terrible condition). As for towels and washcloths, there are no direct supplies, so students must bring them from home.

Added to the poor general condition of the shelters is the critical situation of the bathrooms. These are from the “latrine” system, and only two of the bathrooms have a toilet. On the other hand, septic tanks permanently collapse (it must be taken into account that the school building works practically every day of the year, if the days that primary and secondary schools attend are added), and must be requested to empty the Municipality of Malargüe , with all the difficulties involved in moving the truck from the city due to the deplorable state of the roads since the municipality only has one truck for this purpose, which makes its transfer to our school very complicated. p >

Poor supply of electricity, water and Internet connection

As for drinking water, we had a reverse osmosis water treatment plant, but this stopped working, leading to a lack of water that is sometimes alleviated by the Municipality.

The school has a generator motor to supply electricity to the building, but the amount allocated to fuel has not changed, which with current inflation has led to the use of the equipment less and less hours. This has a direct impact, since without electricity the refrigerators do not work, as well as water can not be raised to the tanks, communication is lost (which is done through an IP phone), etc.

Separate paragraph, the satellite internet system works with more and more deficiencies, being this the only means of the school to connect administratively.

The school also has a wind turbine, but it is broken and waiting to be repaired. There is also the solar energy system, although the batteries it uses are mostly depleted, and it only serves to illuminate the shelters and the dining room once the generator is turned off.

Please support our school

The students come from places that are very far from the establishment, so they are transferred through transportation upon entry and exit. Given the deplorable state of the roads, the attendance of the teachers becomes very difficult. The same happens when finding labor to carry out maintenance tasks at the school (gas operators, registered electricians, etc.), since in general they refuse to attend given the distance and the state of the route.

As you can see, our needs are many. If you are in a position to help us, don't hesitate to do so!

If you want more information, you can write to me at

You would make me very happy if you used the [Contribute by sharing] button to share my project!

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