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Help Estu from 6 critical illnesses & Grandma get surgery!

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Assalamualaikum Friends and Donors

Dear supporting friends, I am Widiana, I live on the coast of North Jakarta, this time let me tell you about the struggle of my son, Estu Eridya Atmanto to live.

"I was so scared that when Estu was born, he didn't cry and didn't even make a voice. The child that my husband and I have been waiting for, turns out that he has up to 6 diseases at once!"

Shortly after been borne, Estu did not cry like other babies, Estu was immediately taken to the PICU room for 3 days due to respiratory failure.

Bronchopneumonia and rhinobronchitis causing Estu to have difficulty breathing

Not long after birth, the doctor convicted that Estu had several diseases, including bronchopneumonia and rhinobronchitis, which caused Estu to often have difficulty breathing.

Brain atrophy causing Estu to have frequent fever and convulsions

Estu also had Brain Atrophy (loss of brain cells and connections between brain cells) and there was fluid in his head, so he often had high fever and convulsions. Estu's head also got bigger due to increased fluid in the head so that he had to be hospitalized for one month.

Tuberculosis with DILI, Hypothyroidism and Global Development Delay (GDD) causes Estu to be close to Intellectual Disability

Not yet there, Estu also has tuberculosis with DILI, Hypothyroidism and Global Development Delay (GDD) or commonly called growth delay, this illness is very close to Intellectual Disability.

We try to hold on until Estu is ready for bone marrow surgery

I can't bear it as a mother to see Estu every day struggling with pain, especially if the fever and seizures have arrived. These tears can not be held back.

Until now, Estu still can't sit down, can't even speak. For eating and drinking, we still use tools. There are many treatments and medications such as Fallow Test, EEG, Swallow Function, CT Scan, and other therapies.

However, we have to pay for the therapy at our own expense, which costs Rp. 700,000 per therapy. Due to limited costs, we had to take difficult decision not to treat Estu.

The doctor suggested that the nutritional intake of Estu be maintained, given vitamins and vaccines, but some of these vitamins and vaccines are not covered by BPJS. Currently, Estu is only given formula milk as a nutrient although it should really be chosen because some formulas cause allergies in Estu's body. Then, at the age of 2, his bone marrow will be drilled.

We are a poor family, help us to treat Estu and Mother who are sick

But my husband, only works as a construction worker whose income is very small and uncertain. While he has to bear 5 lives, I, Estu, two siblings under five years and our mother who is currently very ill.

Our mother has a condition where her uterus and bladder and rectum are drooping, as a result she cannot defecate and urinate. Her condition was worsened because the mother had high blood pressure and diabetes, which became an obstacle to surgery. If it has recurred and the bleeding has occurred, the mother could faint and must be taken to the hospital.

It's hard for me to even take a sigh when I talk about my family condition, there are so many things that hinder my child's growth and development or the condition that our mother is experiencing.

However, I realized that my tears could not make Estu and Mother recover. My husband and I must pray and try as hard as possible for our family.

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