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I am facing some difficult situations

Hello, my name is Sary Sandoval, and I am from Mexico,

it is a very long story, I have been going through a very difficult economic and emotional crisis for 2 years,

I have been unemployed for 1 year, and this was getting worse with the CoVID and the confinement of almost 5 months in my country, adding to it the difficult economic, social and political situation that we are currently going through.

experienced traffic accident crashed against a taxi

I started working on mobile apps like Uber and Didi to be able to survive this, unfortunately, on September 7, I crashed against a taxi,

He had the insurance required by the laws and unfortunately mine was deactivated for having accepted the help of my financier and stopping the payments during the quarantine,

They never told me that the insurance would be deactivated since the bank did not notify the insurance company of these agreements.

My car is on hold until I Fix the other party's car,

Here in Mexico, everyone wants to get rid of responsibilities, unfortunately, after 10 hours of asking the taxi driver to let me find a solution and of course made responsibly, he did not want, his adjuster tried to help me by requesting 40,000 to make his fraud and that the insurance paid, and otherwise he would call the police, which I did not agree and we ended up in the civic judge which is a disgusting corruption, and obvious Without insurance, without legal help and alone, they pressured me and dictated against me,

during the process there were irregularities, they held me in the property for 12 hours without any arrest warrant and without notifying them of the ruling.

In the end, the civic court determined that I had to cover the repair within 30 days, leaving my car under warranty. I was left without my way to survive and be able to solve this problem.

TODAY FOR ME, TOMORROW FOR YOU, Help me to get through these difficult times

The judge determines my responsibility and takes my car as a guarantee until I fix the other party's car, they did not give me my right to declare that an expert opinion or investigation of the facts was made according to the Law. unfortunately, I find myself without work, without income and I need to pay the damages to be able to free my car and move on

I was left without my way to survive and be able to solve this problem. I am desperate, I am alone, I have no assets, and I am divorced with 2 university daughters, I have worked a lot, but the situation and age have not favored me.

We could all be in the same situation, TODAY FOR ME, TOMORROW FOR YOU, Thank you with all my heart to the people who want to help me not to lose my work tool and that of the opposite person,

even if people do not have a little empathy today and being so selfish to their own interests, there are still people who make mistakes, accept and face the problem

Your support is mean a lot to me, thank you so much in advance

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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