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Hello everyone,

My Name is Danial (Nickname discretion to protect my privacy rights), and I am from Singapore aged 35.

A glimpse of My life journey

It was a long and tough journey as I grew up. I had been homeless 1 year ago as I lost my business, family, and even my closest friends.

I am a makeup artist and hairstylist. Life was tough for me growing up with mum and dad divorced.

It is a long story and let me make it real short to not complicate readings for you lovelies out there. I grew up living with my 2 beautiful step siblings. All was good even after I had my served jail/rehab due to my addiction for 4 years released in the year 2018 and surviving child abuse by my cruel stepmom bad abused with scars and blood all over me.

As I grew up along the way I worked real hard catching my dream until I became a known Celebrity Makeup Artist and struggling with severe depression with additional No Cure Chronic Illness. And I am still on medications for both of them.

An Obstacle on the starting point for a better life

I turned my life to be a better person having opened my own wedding business with a mini rental space 2 years ago, making myself busy giving back to the community on my various charity project and happy with the recovery I went through.

All fall down when business partners left me stranded just like that and I was all by myself with business getting slow from something to zero. I didn't give up. I then start leaving everything behind without having a single debt with my business.

Issues start outbreaking at home and I knew I was useless by then. All the glitz and glam disappeared..l was homeless I lost everything and survived with daily jobs delivering food and survived with a bag of clothing and a small electric bike.

I worked day and night to earn my daily meals and slept in the quiet streets. My depression came back worst and I stopped all my medications due to the hardship and the harsh weather, moving around homeless needs fewer things to carry so it will easily help me keep going. I was deteriorating with the pain on my chronic illness and my suicidal attempts on severe depression knockouts.

This year luck was on me to meet a special lady who known me on social media and was saddened of my condition with what was known to her that I had great talents. She decided to give me a second home. Let me stay in a nice cozy home and I picked up baking.

Help me to start a Baking business

I pick up baking and doing small baking business on social media platforms with the money I had given by the government.

With the sudden epidemic COVID-19 crisis I was well affected with a crisis of home business deliveries closed for a week and lockdown rules I knew my future plans are failing gently and I knew I needed help.

I was in a process of a setting up a mini studio for my social media platform and I am catching up with what I had lost. It's picking up slowly but I was really stuck due to low profit. I was starting to live with what I have with my both kitties. My mini-studio was halfway done as I couldn't afford to buy a lot of necessary items and baking was starting to toughen as I didn't have more money to expand the production of my goods.

I knew I want a normal life again out of addiction, be healthy eating my medications daily to avoid from my Chronic illness taking my life away, and to slowly reunite with my family and my future.

Importantly I want to see mum smile and see her again. I looked at the plans that I had planned out on my diaries and I am slowly getting sick and depressed on my expenses with lesser food and more lost. I am then here...

I hope with donated funds here, I could continue to build my dreams... my mini studio and expand a little to my baking deliveries to food shops and my certificates to proper legalized certificates. My heart to all of you...

Thank you

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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