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Publish a book in Xhosa which educates about mental illness

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Thank you for viewing my profile. My name is Noluthando Baca, I live in rural South Africa and I am a first time writer.

The book is a drama written in isiXhosa and based on true events. It covers various issues that affect mainly the African audience. It is intended to educate about mental illnesses, yet raising an issue of the difficulties of educating about such illnesses in African languages due to lack of translation of mental health terminologies into indigenous African languages, which could possibly be the contributing factor to many Africans believing that mental illnesses are white people’s illnesses hence do not affect them. It suggests the link between the elderly killings in rural areas and mental health issues, both from the victim’s side and the perpetrator.

It also raises awareness about the daily challenges of people living with albinism and deaf people. It focuses on the hostility directed towards people living with albinism and the fears they face on a daily basis. It also covers the daily struggles of deaf people particularly in health institutions and police stations due to the unavailability of their language in those institutions, hence highlighting the urgency of Sign Language to be made official. It also covers the obsession of Africans with being light-skinned and the dangers of skin lightening creams. On the other hand, it celebrates culture, nature, and the importance of poetry, and iiMbongi zomthonyama amongst AmaXhosa.

I was motivated to write by the frustration that my deaf friends face when they visit health care centers and the fear they live with of being misunderstood particularly when facing issues of health and rape which often goes unreported because the police do not know how to assist them, and the nurses and the doctors: the loneliness many Africans face once diagnosed with a mental illness disease, because of contradiction in beliefs and being unable to explain to their families what mental illnesses are in their languages, and the way some of us feel about the highly individualistic psychotherapy approach, which is meant to assist all humans, while in actual effect it discourages us because we come from collective societies. Also, an ever-increasing rate of suicide both in urban in rural areas.

I need the funding for self-publishing because my book has been turned down by the publishers because it does not fit the school curriculum. I need money as soon as possible so that I can continue with the project. According to the breakdown from my publisher, I need $1500 for the whole project. The whole amount is for Copy Editing, Proofreading, Typesetting and Design, cover Design, Authors Corrections, and Logo.

Your contribution will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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