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I want to help my mom to undergo the Brain Surgery

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My mom is a single mother of four I am the third child and I am doing this hoping to help my mom and hope that she will undergo her 2nd brain surgery so that she will live longer..I have seen her struggles since the day I have learned to understand the harsh truth of life.She have worked day and night with almost no rest just to make ends meet..My mom is a very loving and compassionate person be it for us her children, our dog or her friends..In her own simple ways she will try to help others as much as she can.She was an OFW for couple of years and even though she is far away she would always make it a point that she will help us with oir homework..she wont go to sleep until she make sure we have arrived from school and safe at home.Me and my siblings are the only family she have..

Since she was young she worked her way to college to finish a degree that helped jer worked as a service crew in a restaurant...She would always put us first before herself..When she became sick of a brain tumor she need an emergency surgery..but after 2years another  tumor grew in a different location in her brain..I am asking your kind heart and compassionate being to please help her have that surgery.during her 1st surgery we begged and borrowed to pay 50000usd as she stayed in the hospital for 3 months due to complications...I am hoping you will find in your heart to please donate and help my mom live a little longer for us and that one day when I am able to work I can help her and  let her experience the simple joy of life..She loves to have siberian husky as her dream dog and i will save up money when I finish school so I can buy her that dog..I can make her dream come true and make mine as well if she will have the surgery...So please help her ..a small amount will save a life...I want to thank you for reading this and taking your time to help...God bless

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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