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Hello Everyone!

Hope this finds you well,

I am John Mbuya,a passionate and determined 29 years old man from the Arid and Semi Arid part of western kenya-Kisumu county,of course my original home. I am an agroforester (Bachelors of science) holder by profession.I love and proud of being among those who are promoting land uses that ensure food security and income generation while adapting and mitigating climate change.

According to my work history, I served Lieta community in the capacities of intern, volunteer and later project officer both of which i was assisting in planning and implementing agroforestry project (a sustainable land use where livestock, trees and agricultural crops are intentionally integrated in the same land management unit with a vision of improving the ecological and socioeconomic benefits for all).     


Challenge that requires your practical attention.

Due to the emergence of covid-19, I lost my employer to this pandemic-so sad! Consequently I lost my job too since I couldn't get paid anymore-unfortunately the full salaries for two months that I had worked for were also lost in that i could keep in touch with my boss during which he was quarantined and hosptalized.Even though I was not infected by the pandemic, I am seriously affected in many fronts; losing both the loved one, salaries and job have direly disoriented my future plans. The attempt to search for new employment opportunities with either the government or nongovernmental institutions continued yielding nothing. At some point I felt guilty and started questioning my that instead of helping our government in providing everlasting solutions to the emerging problems she is facing, I present myself as another problem(unemployed).All these challenges are facing me amidst of my effort of saving some money to start and register my dream project-a consultancy firm that would offer affordable technical and professional training on Agroforestry systems, practices and technologies to farmers in Kenya, an idea that has been developed into a business plan. Despite fact that I have the business plan, I still lack; the legal permission from the government to operate, training material, consultancy fee, brochure and website (marketing means) to enable me have effective market entry and attract large targeted number of clients. Just to note that I have recently gotten three (3) consultancy contracts but unfortunately been disqualified in the basis of lack of authorization from the relevant government urgency.

My appeal to you.

Even though right now I don't have my boss, salaries and job, I have the ability and acquired knowledge and skills to create a new job, be my own boss and get source of income while working towards my dream. 

Just a few but very important steps to realize my dream project and get a source of income, I am humbly requesting you to help me raise 1200(One thousand two hundred dollars) to enable  me finance ;name search and company registration, making logo, production of brochure, creating website, buying training aids and consultancy fees.The amount will therefore enable me to register an AGROFORESTRY CONSULTANCY COMPANY as well as financing the other abovementioned items.

I have approximately 52(fifty two days) to actualize this dream through your heartfelt assistance.

Approximated expenditure is as follows;Consultancy fee 200$,Name search and registration fee200$,Making logo150$,Training material/aids150$,Website creation and production of brochures 500$

My baseline survey result that has guided me in developing business plan.

Environmental & Agricultural Trends

In the past, farmers could know the months to undertake respective farm works and most probably the harvestable amounts-which were comparatively higher.The ecosystem was rich.

Currently, there is erroneous climate change,rising population that demands relatively more food and forest products and services yet the land that supports all these is fixed and has become unproductive.Extinction of biomes is on the rise! 

With limited alternative livelihood opportunities, communities are forced to over-rely on natural resources such as forests, mines  and fishing in an effort to provide for their daily needs, a trend that diminishing agricultural and environmental productivity. A sustainable future is cornered!

Inclusion,it is true that you cannot create for me a better future but it is also true that you can create me for a better future.

Please, kindly create me, what you consider little contribution is your great contribution towards my life, God will definitely reward you. I am looking forward to form part of your legacy and success stories. Finally I'll upload brochure, certificate of registration and a link to the website to show what     your effort has generated. Thank you so much! You can follow me on twitter @johnmbuya17

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

Note that the pictures above show my previous work.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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