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Hello everyone,

I am Karly, from Indonesia.

My family and I faced difficult situations right now, we need to pay the online debt that having high interest, and reached about $5,000

Our background

Before Covid-19, our family's finances were still good and fine, but since there was Covid-19, everything changed.

My brother is still in college, and my father passed away in 2017. Since that time, my brother had to pay for his own college, then he worked in a music festival company from 2017. All is well, but when Covid-19 was around, all music events were stopped from April 2020, and the workers were also rested, including my brother.

As for myself, I took grooming school from the beginning of January, besides that, I also have an online shop selling pastries, my online shop is also quiet because of this pandemic.

Applied online loan to school fees

My brother had to pay his tuition installments and I had to pay for my grooming school. Fortunately, my brother has savings, but his savings are only enough to pay for his daily needs.

when we were confused about how to pay the school arrears. We have asked for help from our brothers, they only help a little, because they are also in trouble.

Then we negotiated and decided to borrow an online loan. My mom borrowed a lot of money to pay for my school & my bro's school arrears.

Total online debt has reached $5,000

Initially, my mother only enrolled me in one loan application, and only borrowed about 5 million in the capital asset application.

But the tenor was very fast, which was 7 days, then we were busy looking for ways to get here and there when it was near due.

Then my mom borrowed money again to pay the loan, for example, like my mom borrowed money today to pay for a loan that is due tomorrow, I also did the same but in a different application. We just dug the lid of the hole, because we were already confused about where to find aid funds.

From the beginning of 5 million, now it has become 50-60 million in debt, the debt has become large because of the interest, and 1000% of us do not use the money for fun, all we use is to dig up the holes.

Help us to stop all of the online loans before it burdens us more

We want to stop this all. I don't know when the funds will be collected, because the longer it takes, the more :(

Everything we get is 100% to pay for the loan, "

I hope there is a miracle, we will be very grateful for your support,

Thank you

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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