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Feed a family in slums of Nairobi

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Hello! My name is Edicah, I expertises in Community Development by training, a Volunteer by Passion and an Entrepreneur by obsession; with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry,  Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Socio-economic Research, Research Design, Social Research, Resettlement Action Plan and Management. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor's focused in Community Development

In Kenya, reduction in labor participation rates due to job losses have resulted in a loss of earnings which in turn led to shifts in the habits of food purchases as very poor households are living life paupers. A new survey by GeoPoll shows that 86% of Kenyans are worried about not having money to buy next meal.

Also, poor people mostly dwelling in slums, are having a hard time meeting their everyday expenses and paying bills such as rents, water, electricity etc. According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics survey 30.5% of Kenyans who are renting apartments and houses cannot pay their rent and were thrown out by landlords to a point of relocating back to their rural homes.

My focus is on Mathare slums, one of the largest ghetto in Nairobi. Mathare is most densely populated area, with 68,941 persons living within a square kilometre in contrast to the national average of a paltry 82 persons per square kilometre.

The low-income settlement, which has a population of 206,564 has had a number of social and health challenges, ranging from cholera outbreaks to gang violence and collapsed buildings attributed to unplanned developments that have denied residents access to essential amenities.

Most parts of Mathare are not connected to clean drinking water lines , and a lack of sewer lines has seen the highrise buildings emptying their wastewater into Nairobi river.

The stories of retrenchment are everywhere and have impacted almost every family in the country. Kenya’s unemployment has doubled from the beginning of the year with almost a million Kenyans losing their jobs since March shrinking the number of those in employment. The state of Mathare residence has become worst from worse since Coronavirus Pandemic hit the country.

Many families are facing starvation due to pandemic. This initiative will feed struggling 15 families for 30 days with foodstuff, tissue papers, soaps, masks, sanitizer, sanitary towels and 1 month rent. in slum areas house rent is between KES 1,500-5,000.

Even in a struggling economy, the spirit of giving fills many souls, Your contribution will give hope to the less privileged dwelling in slums. Thank you in advance for making it happen 

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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