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Surgery could help me regain my sight

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Hello everyone,

My name is Natalia and I am 20 years old, I was born in Colombia, and currently, I reside in Panama.

I have bad eyesight since I was a child

What do I remember the most was when I ran into the walls while learning to walk 😂 the reason? My eyes weren't working properly, so I've been wearing glasses since I was two years old.

When I turned 14 my ophthalmologist gave me one of the hardest news that I have had to face in my life, "Natalia, you have a degenerative disease, you will probably completely lose sight in both eyes before the age of 21, Currently, it cannot be done nothing

Pray to God that technology will advance fast enough before there is no turning back.

I tried my best to get better opportunities

I decided to travel to Panama City in search of better opportunities, but unfortunately, it did not go as well as I expected, while I was working and studying I got money for what was necessary, to live days to days.

At 16 years of a birthday gift and with all my savings I went to an ophthalmologist in which; Luckily, my surprise and happiness, they have a special machine to perform the type of procedure that I need 😍 I cried with happiness that afternoon, it was like a drop of hope to something that I already gave up for lost.

I want to be able to see normally

The cost of the procedure is 5,000 thousand dollars 💔, my world fell apart again 😔 but this time I had hope, that surgery!

In the following years, I dedicated myself to raising the money in all possible ways, but unfortunately, all my savings disappeared in the first 3 months of quarantine, thanks to the pandemic I was left without a job and without hope for surgery.

I no longer see through my left eye and I see less than half of what I should with my right eye, so much effort I make to see every day that I have a migraine 24 hours a day, the dizziness and discomfort never go away.

That is why today I ask for this donation, the despair that I feel every day as I feel and notice how I am losing my vision, they are leading me to a black hole from which I can not find a way out, I know I could not live a life blind and more a person like me that she has always been alone. I have no one to take refuge in or someone to take care of me if something happens to me.

I need to see and I want to live 😔

Please help me, be it with donations, advice, opportunities, or even loans.

If you are reading this, I beg you with all my heart, help me with whatever you can.

You can contact me at +50762308753

Thank you for giving me a little of your valuable time.

You would make me very happy if you used the [Contribute by sharing] button to share my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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