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Dear all,

My name is Mada Stevany, an Indonesian woman. I am working as a Chef in a French restaurant in Bali

I already made a fundraiser through fundraising a few months ago to help people in Semarang during those hard days. I already thank you very much for all those who already help. I moved to Bali for a new job a few months ago, but the situation in Indonesia remains difficult as Indonesia is still closed until the end of the year because of coronavirus.

Our workplace is highly affected because of the COVID-19

The economy remains worst and worst. So, I want to give help to my French boss, as they still want to save the salary of their staff. My boss is french, working in Bali for already 6 years, and with the troubles going on in Bali since the Covid situation started, his business is going down and I want to try to save it with him, at least being able to keep the staff salary.

Most of the foreigners are now using their own savings or making credit and until the situation comes back normal with foreigners coming back, that kind of people need also to be helped. Helping foreigners here means helping directly Bali's population.

Help our team to survive in the middle of the pandemic

The staff also have to feed their family and we know how Bali has not been touched by the economic situation for 8 months now since most of the income comes from the tourism category.

The plan is only to get help to be able to keep the staff salary and if the collection is becoming bigger, maybe we will be able to help other foreigners to keep their business while still keeping their staff.

Exactly I also do not have any salary but it's ok as I still have savings on my own. The only way I can help is by asking for help. I am fond of my work as a chef in this restaurant, the bosses are very kind and make all they can to be pleased with their staff and take care of them.

Usage of the funds

Personally, with my savings, I don't have enough to help. But AirFundings can help me with getting a budget of around 3 000 Dollars.

Around 200 dollars per employee x 5 employees, per month: 1000 dollars x 3 months for beginning: actually: would need around 3000 dollars until February.

Of course, if the situation was changing in a good way I would review the needs of the collective. But I'm scared to even when reopening, Indonesia and Bali will take time to recover from the same economic situation as before.

Even if we got a few customers (rarely) we do not have enough resources to pay the staff. My boss uses his savings account which is decreasing months after months. If my boss can keep its staff, until the end of the year that would mean those guys will be able to eat and feed their family. This is another way of helping Indonesian families. 3 persons working for diving and 2 working for the restaurant, in Amed.

Small or big amounts of money, whatever this Will always be welcomed.

Thank you all very much in advance for your kindness.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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