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We need your help during the corona virus pandemic...

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We need your help during the Corona virus Pandemic...

As the Corona virus continues to spread across the globe, we wanted to share our challenge with you to see if you can help. we are seeking your help to continue to care for our kids.   

ABOUT;  Brass for children Brass for children currently cares for 50 vulnerable children and over 11 staff in music education, farm and home. However, we are in lock down as the virus spreads and the economies grind to a halt. This means  our local income sources have stopped, food is becoming more difficult to access and more expensive to purchase, and of course we are concerned that the health care systems will not be able to handle the incoming flood of Covid-19 cases. 


 To make matters worse, there are no government social support payments like we have in those developed countries to help the millions of people currently losing their jobs, so in the developing nations of East Africa where over 85% of the workforce are informal labourers, the effects of Covid-19 are going to be devasting. 


Our kids are our highest priority…so we need $25 care packs to help support them over the coming months. As part of the government regulations, many of our children are required to go and stay with any known living relative, where one has been identified through our social workers an uncle, aunty, grandparent etc, even if the conditions they are being sent to are substandard compared to our home. The harsh reality is that even the carer themselves will struggle to provide food at this time…it’s unfortunate but it’s a requirement of the Government we must abide by. The remaining children that have no known living relative can continue to stay in our homes with our amazing house parents. Therefore, we are trying to raise enough funds to be able to provide monthly care packs for 10 of our kids that have been sent into the villages. Our will be able to organise emergency care packs from local sources, each month to ensure each child, and the home which they have been sent in too, will have food, water, healthcare and clothing over the coming months ahead. With your support we can help our kids and their communities survive.


We need to continue to support our staff to ensure they can get by. As Brass for children faces the reality of having to stand down all our teaching and farming staff, we realise that they have no alternate forms of income and were already living week to week, Given a full time farmers wage is under $100 per month and a teachers wage is approximately $200 per month, with your help, we are trying to keep our farmers and teachers employed, on a reduced wage, to ensure they can still buy food to support their families during this difficult time, and to ensure they are healthy and ready to bounce back once this lockdown is lifted.


This will enable us to provide monthly care packs for our initial 40 children living in the villages, and, if we can go above and beyond that target, we’d look to broaden that help to surrounding community kids. We believe the brass for children Village can be a place of hope in these difficult times. Within the $10,000 target we will also be able to sustain our farmers and teachers on at least a 50% salary in this pandemic. If we go beyond the $10,000 target, we will be able to invest in further skills training, development of an online education portal, and the necessary IT resources to enable the kids to maintain a home school education this year through on-line learning.

All donations received in Uganda are tax deductible. Thank you

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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