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Help revive and expand my clothing business

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I am Brian from Zambia. I ventured into a small clothing business full time.

My objective is to grow my clothing business that started in January 2018.

Planning to expand my business

At inception, the business operated within a virtual environment before a shop was opened. Later, opened a small retail shop where I invested most of my final payment from employment.

I developed the concept in early 2017 out of my desire to contribute to my country's fashion industry in a cost-effective way through the use of technology. The fashion industry faces huge quality issues as Zambia has been a dumping site for second hand and low-quality garments.

My business brings equity through its cost-effective and inclusive model of online selling through Facebook. This enables the shop to reach a huge number of customers countrywide who would otherwise be reached by having retail shops in almost every part of the country, Thus the cost of rentals is significantly reduced. This is backed by single storage and display as well as a photo studio for capturing product photos. This has proved to be very convenient to customers as they do not have to physically visit clothing but simply go to the Facebook page which is linked to our business WhatsApp contact number.

My business affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

Business was good when starting and I reinvested most of my proceeds. I planned to expand my business by opening two more retail shops. Part of the plan was to employ at least two unemployed youths to help me run the shops.

Shortly came the COVID-19 pandemic and shipments were delayed until most of the clothes ordered were out of season and will only be able to be sold winter next year (2021). Meanwhile, the business needs to continue and relief funds are needed urgently for the survival of this venture.

Help my business revive

I plan to expand this clothing business as doing so will have a wide impact on all the stakeholders. The project will attain equity among its offering to the customer as most people of the various economic classes can afford quality clothing and functional through our cost-effective business model.

The expansion will eventually increase the need to have effective online customer care services which can be addressed by employing more staff. I believe competition is an important drive for better offerings among businesses. Thus as other businesses learn about our model, they will be prompted to work out cost-effective models to improve their offerings.

As a result, this has the potential to drive innovation in the country's growing industry and this will enable better offerings to the public. The use of technology offers a very efficient way of managing huge numbers of customers without physical contact especially in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I appreciate with your help and support, thank you so much

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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