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For My Wife Who Lost Six Months Wages.

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It was love at first text! I met her on FB where we discovered that we was perfect for each other, already desiring to do the same things in life!

Hi, my name is Sean Stanley. After certain of my calling to the Philippines and shipping the essentials there, I sold everything else, two cars and a RV, and moved to the Philippines where we were eventually married and happily living in the mountains, but with some difficulty.

I don't want to bore you with all the details, but one that particularly hurt our pocketbook was the "friend" that didn't pay the $1000 USD for one of the cars I sold, he begged and promised to send me payment for he is on Fixed income. But did not.

I decided to start a fundraising after the accident that caused us to loose six-month wages.

My wife is a good hard working mountain Filipina, raised in poverty under the heavy yoke of alcoholic guardians and the rock throwing peers. Even at her young age she's even endured her daughter's still birth, yes she's quite the lady, physically strong and stronger will to even over working just to get the job done. She is my preoccupation for heaven my one glittering star for Grace.

The accident

After harvesting the ginger we pack and cary to wash pack again to the ox cart, who we pay to carry to the truck, we used a new person for the truck because of dishonesty of the last. This guy was great honest, low price, but his truck is old and the doors open unexpectedly, my wife not knowing this.

After the sale of the ginger they were back home, she was leaning over the back of the front seat chitchatting with the driver when unbeknownst to her the rear door opened her backpack sliding out on to the city streets unnoticed by any in the truck. But the driver herd the door open, so he instructed her to close the door. She did but still not noticing that her backpack with six months wages ($1000) passport and ID's with many other things that help in life, gone!

Not to be found again, even after notifying the radio station, police, neighbors, doing all that could be done she and the truck owner returned towards home.

When my wife told me I thought she was joking because she was always so careful, after the gravity of the situation settled over my mind I still felt the great peace for I know we will be cared for in the end.

Usage of the collected funds

If graciously granted money we will buy the following for our next six months:

Motorcycle registration last year and next six months ($80)

Passport renewal ($130)

tooth removal ($50)

rice ($40)

peanuts ($40)

Popcorn ($20)

Oil ($25)

Detergent ($10)

Clothing ($100)

Dog\cat food ($45)

Motorcycle tire ($45)

Motorcycle maintenance and fuel ($80)

Some things we need and I planned on getting for my wife to lighten her work, is a washing machine and generator for off grid. She works very hard washing just to keep us clean and healthy. A washing machine would really help!

I'm also personally building a house. This is what I do when not helping around the house or with the ginger.

Washing machine for the mountain ($300)

House building:

Hose water supply ($25)

Chainsaw and gasoline for cutting wood for house ($550)

Paint nails hinges etc. ($146)

Building help ($120)

Plastic sheeting for moisture barrier ($100)

I and my wife would be happy if you could Help! Even if it is only by sharing it's easy use the button to share about my project! Thank you!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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