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Justice for my Uncles disappeared by the army of E.S.

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On January 17, 1981, at 2:30pm, my uncles, Jorge Alberto Rodríguez Romero and Francisco Milton Romero Sequeira, went out to the Chagüite River in the municipality of Cuscatancingo, department of San Salvador, to bathe. At  4:30 pm, a family friend told my grandfather (who was the father of both - deceased) that his sons had been captured by the First Infantry Brigade of the San Carlos Barracks in San Salvador. From that day until the day of his death my grandfather carried out different legal actions, petitions to NGOs, churches, International Agencies for the liberation of my uncles. 

The next day, my grandfather, requested an audience at the San Carlos Barracks, the days were granted, he was attended by an officer and asked what he wanted, my grandfather explained what happened, the officer told him that he would send another officer to attend to him, again he told what happened and said he would send someone else, a Sergeant arrived and said, "what can I do for you? "My grandfather answered "there are three of them already with you, maybe you can help me" and explained again the facts, the Sergeant said "If I made the operation and I captured them, Francisco and Jorge", my grandfather replied, if they are my children, to which the Sergeant answered "well, I captured them", my grandfather said "can I see them? I can talk to them?" the Sergeant answered, "No, because we passed them to the National Guard, go there and claim them there, here you have nothing more to do". My grandfather went to the National Guard, a sergeant received him and asked him what he needed, my grandfather told him what happened, the sergeant checked several lists, and told him "they don't appear", my grandfather asked him "what can I do because they don't give me information about my children there, nor do you", The sergeant told him "the only thing you can do is go back to San Carlos Barracks and claim them there", my grandfather told him "but I come from there", the sergeant told him "look sir, the ones we captured, we are responsible for them, if they were captured there, they are responsible for those captures, so go there and claim them".

My grandfather went back to the San Carlos Barracks and the soldier who was at the entrance did not let him pass and said "there are orders not to let him pass", my grandfather replied "I still don't know anything and that I should call the officer who wanted to talk to him", the soldier said "there are orders not to let him pass, my grandfather said "here I am going to be sitting, when the officer comes and if he wants to attend to me I will be here". He spent several days sitting outside the barracks but was not attended to. When he saw him arrive, a soldier told him, "Don't come anymore, your children may be in the crater of the volcano" (the place where they were going to throw away the tortured bodies of those they had captured).

Since my grandfather's death in 2014, I have continued my grandfather's struggle to know the truth and to obtain justice in the case of my uncles, as I promised him. Therefore, I have presented Habeas Corpus to the Supreme Court of Justice of my country, complaints to the Office of the Attorney General for the Defense of Human Rights, and hearings with different authorities and international agencies, For this reason, the Chairperson-Rapporteur of the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances, Tae-Ung Baik, has sent me an e-mail in which he expresses the opportunity to participate and be heard during the 123rd session at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, BUT I DO NOT HAVE THE ECONOMIC RESOURCES FOR THE FLIGHT OR FOR THE STAY, I NEED EVERYONE'S HELP TO BE HEARD AND TO KNOW THE TRUTH AND TO OBTAIN JUSTICE, AS I PROMISED MY GRANDFATHER ON THE DAY OF HIS PHYSICAL DEPARTURE.

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