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Help to pay for my ureterocele surgery

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This is not easy for me, I don't even know where to start ... I am 27 years old and I feel that I have not lived yet, many will say but if you are so young and you have a life ahead of you ... p >

But this is not the case when you have a silent disease. It all started when I was 18 years old, at first it was simple urinary infections, then the pains, the decay and a constant desire to go to urinate began ... Day and night, I went to different doctors and they all told me that I only had a urinary infection mild and a little blood in my urine tests, they gave me antibiotics and that's it.

But I did not feel improvement with any treatment, I began to feel more down every day, the trips to the bathroom at night began to be more than 60 times ... At first I counted them, then I lost count ... I was not sleeping at all and it was almost impossible for me to go about my life normally.

I started to withdraw from people, I did not want to go to university because I felt excessive exhaustion, I felt dehydrated all the time and no matter how much water I drank, I urinated everything, sometimes I passed out for no reason, I went to the doctor and They looked at me as if I was lying ... I tried to go to different doctors hoping that one of them would give me an answer to what was happening to me, but on the contrary ...

I felt abandoned by the doctors and my close friends ... people began to talk about me, they said things like I wanted to attract attention, or that I wanted to be the victim and that everything was in my mind ... I felt more lonely than ever and my mood was declining more and more due to lack of sleep, dehydration, loneliness and the feeling that I was sick and no one was seeing it.

I fell into such a depression that I remember hoping that somehow the disease will kill me so I don't have to keep dealing with all that it entails ... I tried all the treatments the doctors gave me, I had all the exams and nothing was conclusive ... I got to a point where I stopped trusting the doctors and I no longer had a consultation, my problem was getting worse, my bladder hurt all the time, my quality of sleep was increasingly reduced and my mental state went from bad to worse.

I no longer wanted to ask anyone for help and let the bitterness consume me ... Time passed and I decided to quit my career in medicine, I felt that there are many doctors with a vocation, doctors who listen to their patients and make them a real follow-up on her clinical case ... I already knew what it felt like to be in the patient's shoes and that the doctor won't help you, so I wanted to become the doctor I need ...

There were 9 years, 9 years urinating more than 60 times a night, 9 years with depression, 9 years with abdominal pain, 9 years of people who judged me because they did not understand what was happening to me, 9 years in which I I waited for God to send me the right doctor to finally give me a diagnosis ... I had already given up until I got a urinary infection 7 days ago, the pain started to be so unbearable and my pressure would not stop dropping .. in my heart I felt a voice telling me to try again and I did. They recommended a urologist to me and without any hope, I went to see my case, I mentioned my case, I mentioned all the tests that I had already done and the thousand treatments that I had taken without any success ... He told me that I had to arm myself with patience and that we would start from scratch, I had nothing to lose so not very happy I accepted ... The next day I felt worse, my bladder hurt much more and I was urinating a thousand times more, my pressure began to drop so much that I had to go to the emergency room for 3 days to get IV drip to stabilize me ...

The next day I had an exam that the urologist had given me and I did not expect anything from that exam, for me it was another stone in the way trying to discover what was happening to me.

But hey, I went to take the exam without expecting anything and to my surprise the exam gave a diagnosis, I contacted my urologist and waited for his answer ... Minutes passed and I couldn't hold out, as a good medical student I started to I investigated my results and the more I read, my face became disfigured ... I was diagnosed with Ureterocele and the symptoms were exactly what I was enduring for 9 years. At first I felt a lot of sadness because I remembered these 9 years and I thought of all the people who judge me, I remembered the doctors who told me to go to a psychiatrist, I remembered every situation that made me feel so abandoned while I felt that I was dying because of this illness and then the doctor wrote to confirm the diagnosis and that I need surgery.

I felt a mixture of emotions, it took me several hours to assimilate that I finally had a diagnosis and I do not know how long it will take for me to heal internally from the emotional damage caused by this disease and all the people who did not believe me and did not support ...

With God's help I know that I will get ahead and I take a great lesson from all this and that is that I will never forget what it feels like to be in the patient's shoes, I will continue working hard to become the doctor that I need so much and I count my story to raise awareness for all those people who suffer from a silent disease, who feel ashamed, who feel alone, they are not alone and believe me that one knows when something is wrong with our body so do not lose faith and God will give you the correct doctor with the correct diagnosis so that today they can finally live.

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