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Empowering Widows, Widowers, Young Women and the Youth

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Hi everyone,

My name is Zachery Onyango from Mwenge, Paya Sub County-Tororo District Eastern Uganda. I am a social worker, a conservationists and a development worker.

About Our Organizations

I'm the founder and CEO of Conservation and Tourism Uganda. It is a registered National Not- for-profit Charity (No.S.5914/11432) promoting Conservation and Tourism for environmental wellbeing and livelihoods.

I am also a Founder member of a CBO Development Alert, a registered Membership Based Not-for-profit Community Based Organization (CR127/2020) that exists to identify, develop and promote talent, projects, programs and activities on and related to the fight against the causes and consequence of poverty, ill health, biodiversity loss and marginalization for livelihoods improvements and Environmental conservation among the youth, poor (women and men), elderly, people with disabilities, marginalized groups, indigenous communities, and all the people in Tororo and Uganda in general for, socio-economic and environmental wellbeing of the people, nature and development.­

Registration Documents of the Organizations

The Challenge we want to solve with our project

Multidimensional poverty in Uganda

According to World Bank Report (2020) titled the 14th Uganda Economic Update, Strengthening Social Protection to Reduce Vulnerability and Promote Inclusive Growth, majority of Ugandans still live on less than a dollar a day. Poverty remains firmly entrenched in rural areas home to 87 per cent of Ugandans majority of whom are women and youth.

Paya Sub County in Tororo District being a rural Sub county and one of the places in Bukedi Sub region with over 78% of the population experiencing multidimensional poverty makes the population even more isolated and as such; they live in extreme poverty (UNICEF, 2019).

Poverty has hit the women and youth harder

Poverty has hit the women and youth even harder and the target community is no exception as it comprised of members some of whom are the most disadvantaged in the community such as widows, unskilled, and semi-skilled young women, men and the youth who lack capital and relevant inputs to engage in modern and sustainable livelihoods improvement activities and as such they have been kept in a cycle of poverty and state of hopelessness (

The despicable condition some of the vulnerable community members (widows and Widowers) live in that we seek to change

The community choose Baking, Tailoring and poultry to alleviate the poverty

The high poverty rate has made the community vulnerable and unable to improve on their standard of living thus need support both financially, technically and in material terms so as to boost their skills, capital, and employment to increase household income for better livelihoods.

After a careful study and assessment, the community chose Baking, Tailoring and poultry as viable means to improve their income, promote gainful employment and savings mobilization to ensure better living conditions. The purpose of this project therefore, is to strengthen the community through training and capacity building in Bakery, Tailoring, and Poultry for Improved incomes, nutrition, and employment among the women an youth as trainers of trainees in Mwenge Paya Sub County.

The organizations (Conservation and Tourism Uganda and Development Alert) have working relationship with community groups and this is as shown below in one of the series of meetings and needs assessment with the team where after careful deliberation, the group chose Poultry, Tailoring and Baking Projects viable means to improve their income and savings mobilization to ensure better livelihoods conditions.

(Sitting arrangement during one of a series of meetings where the community members were supported to form Voluntary Saving and Loan Association Schemes in order to support each other)

Mr. Onyango Zachery (squatting in front); the Founder and CEO of Conservation and Tourism Uganda and Founder member of Development Alert with some members of the community Group pose for a photo after one of the meetings where the women agreed on the activities (Poultry, Bakery and Tailoring)

Mr Okumu Henry (in Grey Trouser) the CEO of Development Alert pose for a photo after a meeting with the community members.

Why we need the amount

For the USD 1500 needed, USD 750 will be used to purchase 5 sewing machines each at a price of USD 150 for the community. The sewing machines will be used both to raise funds for the community by hiring the services of professional tailors within the community and also training community members for skills acquisition. USD 400 will be used to train community members in Bakery, purchase an Oven and setup a min Bakery for the community members as a center for both skills acquisition and income generation. Lastly, USD 350 will be used to train community members in commercial poultry establishment and management, supply 200 birds and also train the community in business related and financial management skills and literacy.

When we need the funds

The funding is needed urgently in order to support the community members in implementing initiatives that they have chosen as a way of improving their living condition.

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