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The Hope Project - for Helping Poor Children in Rural Areas in Taiwan

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Hello everyone all over the world!

We are from Taiwan Hope in Love Children Care Association (HLCCA), a non-profit social welfare organization established to provide children and adolescents from disadvantaged families with appropriate services and assistance so that they can go to school with peace of mind and grow up happily so that children can see the future.

We are raising funds to continue giving support for our little soldier to have equal education since during the COVID-19, it makes it difficult for the public to donate.

Our organization's Activities and Plan

There are several activities that our organization do regularly and planned, we have five annual plan:

(1) Partially disadvantaged children's classes, supplementary meals, nutrition, and equipment demand assistance programs.

We provide equipment for dinner and learning for poor children in rural areas.

(2) Weak children's multi-talented cultivation and development plan.

Teaching children to learn musical talents, such as musical instruments, dances, the heritage of aboriginal cultures, etc.

(3) Partial Education Resources Auxiliary Improvement Program.

Through the use of computers remotely and with video equipment to provide one-on-one accompanying teaching for full-time college students.

(4) National poverty-stricken school case study aid program

Helping families with poor families, providing tuition, daily necessities, school supplies, etc., reducing family burdens, and making children happy to go to school.

(5) Large-scale learning outcome concerts during the summer vacation each year

Let the poor and poor students in the rural areas show their diverse talents, stand on the stage to show their self-confidence, and arrange summer tourism so that the children can leave the hometown to see different scenery.

Surviving in the middle of Covid-19

Our organization usually gets donations from Public donations.

During this COVID-19, our activities to get donations are affected by COVID-19, making it difficult for the public to donate.

This is why we need your support, and helping hands, so we can continue to support the children in these difficult times.

Help the children have a bright future

We are aiming to Raise Love, care, and the Hope for Poor Children in Rural Areas by implementing the 5 annual plan to continuously provide assistance to poor and vulnerable children.

We cannot do this alone, we need your support to able to help the children, we want the children can go to school with peace of mind and grow up happily and have a bright future.

Your help might become light for the future, We need to support those generations of children with bright futures.

In these difficult times, your help and support is really important. Let's give your helping hand for those bright generations.

Together with you, we can make it happen.

Please visit our website for more information :

Thank you so much in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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