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A Cambodian street dog wants to go to Germany

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Hi, my name is Niklas, from Germany.

I have been traveling with my girlfriend and not long after we arrived in Cambodia we crossed the way of Winston.

Winston, a street dog we rescued in Cambodia

Winston is a dog that was kicked out of the hostel where he was born in Siem Reap when he was very young. He was living on the street for about a year fighting for his food, getting beaten by people, and just looking for a place to sleep.

He was smart enough to go to different hostels and places where tourists would go, to get some food, and sometimes a place to sleep for a night.

That's where I and Laura met him the first time. He was absolutely adorable just looking for someone that takes care of him. The first night he followed us all the way through the city to get back to our place where we sadly weren't allowed to take him in.

A health condition that worsened because no one took care of him

After not seeing him for a long time we heard from others that he got very sick, he was coughing a lot and throwing up.

When we then saw him again we realized how bad it was, he had lost a lot of weight already couldn't keep food down or water because as soon as he was eating or drinking he started coughing and throwing everything up again.

We changed places to take him in and started bringing him to a doctor, after changing doctors a few times and doing a blood test we found out that he had lungworms from probably eating rubbish around town.

He got treatment against it and after around a month he had finally puked out all the worms and the holes in his lungs started closing again so he was good to eat and drink normally.

help us bring Winston to Germany

Of course, after having him for already a month we could not just put him back on the streets.

Now we are living with him here in Cambodia training him, taking care of him. We already finished all the treatments to get him ready for taking him back to Germany but now there is Corona.

Flights that are affordable are way too long for the dog and the prices for kind of short flights are extremely high.

I am hoping that we can raise some money here to help us bring Winston back to Germany where he can finally live a peaceful and settled life.

We are hoping that we find flights in December now that we can take with him and the money I would like to raise is to afford a plane for the Dog where he does not have to sit in a cage for 50 hours straight.

Thank you very much for everyone taking his time to read this and of course everyone that would be helping us with a fund.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share my project! I wish you a good day.

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