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My husband is weakening. Help please!

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Hello everyone from Ukraine. My name is Irina. I am requesting financial assistance for my husband's treatment. Three years ago, my husband started having health problems. First, interruptions in pressure began. From low to high. She began to constantly pursue an increased temperature. In the first year, he had a thromboembolism - a blood clot came off, but then my husband was lucky. He survived and was prescribed treatment. The husband still takes blood thinners. But - it became clear - problems with the vessels began. At first, the treatment helped, but a year later, lymphostasis appeared. First on one leg, then on both. Problems with lymph drainage began. The disease is difficult to treat, improvements occur for a short period of time, and the disease returns. Legs swell, lymph oozes. It became more difficult for her husband to move - and he began to lead a sedentary lifestyle. In the same period, chronic sinusitis worsened, and does not recede anymore, which, although it manifested itself earlier, did not last long. Now - sinusitis in the active phase, with purulent discharge.

All three diseases are difficult to sustain balanced therapy. The husband was repeatedly in hospitals. Specialists selected treatment, tried to find out the reasons for such a devastating condition. Although one thing is clear - the stress that happened at work - was the starting point of a sharp decrease in immunity. Now my husband has a new problem. Skin problem, diagnosis of erythroderma. This is a very difficult diagnosis with the obligatory use of hormonal drugs, with the obligatory long-term treatment in a hospital and the observance of special conditions, even in a hospital. The husband completely peels off the skin from the whole body 2 or even 3 times a month. This is a huge burden on the body. Hair almost no longer grows, falls out, nails have changed. My husband has lost 30 kg since the onset of the disease. We can no longer afford it materially. So far we are not able to treat my husband in a hospital. The husband is very weak. Treatment requires a lot of money. Doctors are questioning another diagnosis - skin cancer. It is very difficult when you see a weakening loved one and cannot help him in any way. Because the whole difficulty lies in the lack of funds.

In the presence of which, timely treatment can be organized. I ask, please help my husband! Give him hope and a chance to live. The cost of uninterrupted treatment will cost US $ 10,000-12,000. Don't be indifferent, it will help my husband overcome the crisis in treatment. God bless you…

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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