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Hello, my name is Elaine Barreto, I'm 17 years old and I came here to tell you a little about my story. I am a 3rd year high school student at the State College of Application Anísio Teixeira (CEAAT) in the city of Salvador, Bahia.

Going back a little while when I was 14, my grandmother (Tânia) dreamed of celebrating my 15 years and promised to make that dream come true, but life surprised us with her death due to a cancer she already had. On 11/06/2018, a month and a day before I turned 15, this was very sad and traumatic for me not because of having a party, but because of her death and practicing close to me celebrating.

Today, close to turning 18, I remember her death as if it were yesterday, I miss it so much, because even when she was sick she wouldn't let my birthday and my sister's, who is 11 years old, go blank, right after her death we discovered that I had taken out life insurance for her only son who is my father, because if she died, she wanted to buy a house for us to rent and a car for my father to work on her own, but unfortunately it was not well, she was insured for accidental death and not due to illness, my father cannot receive insurance, he only received funeral assistance, so we went on with life.

Today in the year 2020 I will turn 18 on 07/12/20, my father, almost two years working as an application driver, a risky profession, but it was the only option for him to bring daily bread to our home, he started with a rental car for a while, then he managed to finance one for him, everything was going well until the pandemic came. The situation started to get worse, today he was unable to pay the installments and as far as I know and see he talked to my mother, he may even lose his car.

So I decided to write this text to try to help my father. We are living on emergency aid today, we pay rent, bills in general. I wanted this birthday present to be able to help pay the installments of the vehicle with your help, so he can get back to work.

This would be the only and the best gift I could get for my birthday is to make my father happy and be able to leave the house in peace to work with claws. We are a simple and humble family, we live on rent, where we only have a bed, sofa, stove, refrigerator and table, we don't have a TV because we sell to pay for things.

That would be my only gift that I wanted to have in my 18 years, to be able to pay for the vehicle for him, which is very important for us.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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