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Let them eat healthy and relieve the pressure of poor families to take care of!

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Cooperative object: This project is jointly launched by "Taiwan Provincial Private Qizhi Skills Training Center" and "Dream Together". ◎Project summary: Through the project, the financial pressure of the poor and mentally handicapped elders' families can be reduced, and the mentally handicapped elders can have enough food and live a safe and stable life together. ◎Project service target: severe and severely disabled elderly ◎Project service number: 6 people in total ◎Project service period: October 2020-September 2021.

Part of the government subsidy is RMB 17,850 per month for people with severe disabilities and RMB 16,800 per month for people with severe disabilities. Therefore, the monthly deductible for the 6 elderly people with severe and severe mental disabilities is approximately RMB 3,000. Since most of them only have one family member to take care of them, and they are too old and have no fixed income or low income, the deductible for those who are unable to pay the obstacles for a long time is caused. It is hoped that through this project, a daily subsidy of 100 yuan for meals will be used to fill the gap in the deductible, so that the elderly with mental disabilities can receive complete care and relieve the pressure on family members.

[Under Frost's white hair, there lives a childish soul]

Xiaofeng is a very optimistic and loves to make friends with others, even though he looks like a well-experienced resident In fact, there is a childish soul in the heart of the elderly. He often chats and talks with the personnel of the cooperating unit with vocabulary that he does not know much, and the personnel are also moved by Xiaofeng's efforts. However, after repeated conversations, he found that he was aware of the load he had placed on his family and was very worried about his family's financial situation. This situation does not just happen to Xiaofeng. There are more mentally handicapped elderly and their families in the cooperative unit.

In the eyes of the personnel of the cooperative unit, everyone is quite reluctant, hoping to do something for them. However, in order to help a total of 258 mentally handicapped people, the cooperating unit has spent a considerable amount of money every year and cannot have more resources to help them. Therefore, the cooperating unit personnel decided to raise funds outside, hoping to bring them more complete Take care, eat enough, lead a safe and secure life, and no longer worry about family members.

In addition to meals, the cooperative unit also provides diversified services: craftsmanship, leisure, and rehabilitation, etc., so that the residents of the center can receive a full range of care. This effort is only to make them feel that they are here. The second home.

Together, we extend a helping hand, so that the service of the cooperative unit can continue, and help more mentally handicapped people similar to Xiaofeng's situation can eat enough and live a safe and stable life! It also gives their families a respite and relieves the financial burden.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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