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Uniendo Corazones - Short Film

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Hello everyone,

We are a group of peruvian students in the last cycle of Audiovisual Communication and we are filming our final degree project 'Uniendo Corazones'.

The story of UNIENDO CORAZONES (Uniting Hearts)

Uniendo Corazones is the story of Claudio, an insecure writer who has an unstable relationship with his wife, Angelica, due to the dark past that he drags. One day, a friend of Claudio reveals Angelica’past and reveals her secret. Annoyed, Claudio decides to contact Uniendo Corazones, a company that promises to erase Angelica's past from their minds by computer. As they choose which memories to remove, Claudio will discover that his wife's past is not the only thing at stake.


Uniendo Corazones gives us the opportunity to talk about this complexity intrinsic to love relationships. The short film, rather than finding answers, seeks to ask the viewer questions: Is love transforming the other or accepting them? Is jealousy a form of love or just the opposite? What are we willing to sacrifice for love? I think that love, more than changing the partner to the right measure of oneself, is about embracing differences. Claudio, the protagonist, learns this too late.

Uniendo Corazones is also a criticism of the normalization of certain sexist behaviors, which show the difference in privileges that men and women have. Talking about a man's sexual past generally leads to compliments that magnify his virility, while talking about a woman's sexual past leads to negative and even degrading judgments. The story seeks to confront viewers to reflect on these practices so deeply rooted in a patriarchal society like ours. Finally, as a director, I am trying to say that soulmates do not exist; However, that does not mean that two people can love each other with everything and flaws, free from judgment.


Thanks to your donation we will be able to cover part of our pre-production and post-production of the short film. From now on our team greatly values your help. Therefore, we have prepared some packages for you:

-Thank You: $5 USD. Special thanks in all our social networks (Facebook, Instagram).

-Credits and Original Song: $50 USD. Your name will be in the short films credits and you will receive a digital copy of our original song.

-You're our associate producer: $200 USD. With this contribution your name will be included as an associate producer of the short film. Included Items: credits poster (digital), original song (digital), T-Shirt You're our associate producer!


-Director: Estefano Rodriguez

-Producer: Fiona Fyfe

-Production Assistant, Casting boss and Sound Director: Claudia Jimenez

-Art Director: Vanessa Reyes

-Assistant Director, Promotions Producer: Ruby Gastulo

-Director of Photography: Eduardo Anicama

-Assistant Camera, Gaffer and Editor: Luis Marin

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Thank you

Thanks to your help we will make this project possible, so please share this campaign with your family and friends so that it reaches more people and they too become part of 'Uniendo Corazones'

*** If you want to help us in SOLES, we have the following accounts

* BCP:


Account in soles: 194-93813798-0-90

Soles interbank account number:

002 19419381379800990



Account in soles: 0011-0166-0200638968

Soles interbank account number:




Account in soles: 2053147158550

Soles interbank account number: 00320501314715855028

You would make me very happy if you used the DONATE button or [Help by sharing] to share our project!

¡Thank you so much!

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