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I'm Maria Cecília, I'm here to tell you that you can participate in a great moment in our Entity.

CREAR, an educational and artistic center for underprivileged children

We are CREAR, an educational and artistic center for underprivileged children. See our website: CREAR.ORG.BR

We are based on Waldorf pedagogy, we do a good job.

CREAR is a free private school, in the form of an association. Every 4 years there is a new board, I am currently in the Presidency ... and we want a lot more ... we will offer a lot more to our little ones, we just won another space, given by the city hall, for believing in us, this is it building a court, a dance studio, is also a large orchard. To offer many different fruits to the children ... There is much more ...

But you would need to visit us ... because we are very bold, when the subject is to work on social inequalities, traumas and leave them them as far as possible from social vulnerability, harassment from drug trafficking and early exposure to sexuality.

Can I speak ???? I need them more than they need me ... I need them to need me .... I feel great, useful, capable ... I suffer with joy to be able to pay all the bills. And our teachers, what a great spirit ... they work soooo much !!! They earn little ... but recognize their missions ...

At CREAR we have 2 functions, the children's school, with our cute babys - and our students from the school day. Where they learn discipline, music, drawings, environmental education, introduction to English, dance, theater, and, the PRINCIPAL, they receive tasty and well-balanced food. All of this costs a lot, but we have realized, thanks to the help of great friends and some public subsidies (thank God) but not enough.

Free pizzas for Christmas

We will make 400 PIZZAS, 3 flavors, with the utmost care, creamy chicken, pepperoni and Marguerite ... For you to taste and support our CREAR projects.

300 will be sold, and 100, we will donate to families assisted by CREAR. Many of them never ate PIZZAS! Can you imagine that?

To make them, we will need good quality ingredients. That's why I'm here.

We need: 130 kg of mozzarella; 20 kg of calabrian sausages; 15 kg of olives; 40 kg of chicken fillet, 20 kg straw potatoes, 4 liters of oil; 10 kg of bacon: 10 kg of steamed corn; 10 kg creamy catupiry cheese and 400 boxes for PIZZAS 35 cm x 35 cm.

This is expected to cost around US $ 1,000. Or R $ 6,000.00 reais in Brazil.

children's Christmas

The appeal of the extra 15.00, to make the children's Christmas, was a suggestion by a consultant. For us to start a culture of valuing voluntary work and sumptuous donations from entrepreneurs who pay for the project, practically. It is a new exercise. We hope to succeed. In this, the honesty, suitability, and detachment of the person who sells the card are also checked. A great exercise in legitimate altruism. As you can see, in such an action, many factors are involved. And the Heavens bless our works, so that everything goes well. We accomplished our mission as VOLUNTEERS and we received the Heavenly Graces, which impels us to do more and more for our less favored brothers in this life.

Repair and renovation, also for Christmas

We are going to have a very nice Christmas, as always, and still fix our problems with leaks, renovate the children's playground, it is also paying the labor of the mason who will coordinate the construction of our walls, where today we have fences very old wood and where the invaders entered and stole many important things, at a loss of more than 20,000 reais. Now we are able to place alarm and monitoring. But the fences keep falling.

This hideous snake came in because the fences are very bad. Imagine our give me.

We worked hard ...

Thank you!

The community helps us a lot, the entrepreneurs see me and I feel sorry, because they can't say no to my requests. That's why I came here. To give them a relief. Because in DECEMBER we will have a raffle and I will need the help of all of them ... Anyway, ... HELP US. WITH A LITTLE😉, WITH A LITTLE 😍😍😍, all help is welcome.

I would be happy if you could use the

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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