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Urgent help for Julia Casimiro

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Hello everyone,

I´m Elias Siebenborn from Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

For our dear spiritual grandmother Julia Casimiro

I am fundraising to be able to visit and help our dear spiritual grandmother Julia Casimiro who is terminal ill of metastasis cancer, on one hand to help morally and economically the family who have many expenses, and on the other hand being able to say goodbye one last time, for she is about to pass and it even seems that every day could be the last, and she expressed that she would love to see us before.

Just two month ago Julia, medicine woman in her community in the Mazatec Sierra in state Mexican state of Oaxaca where the very most people live beneath poverty line (and so does she and her family) suddenly got strange and intense pains.

At the end it was In Mexico City where the diagnosed metastasis cancer in several vital organs plus one completely dysfunctional kidney. Julia decided to return home to her mountains and family to basically wait for either a miracle or death, since the treatment in hospitals would not have helped considering the situation.

Despite of this difficult situation, let's help her

I recur to found raising because it is the last option to be able to do that since due to the covid crisis (I have been living and depending of the now totally collapsed tourism industry which is the only one existing here in the Mexican Caribbean area).

I now do not have any resources anymore to do that, neither to help economically neither to travel more than 2.000 kilometers to get there. I got the news recently, and it’s time to act quickly, within only two weeks.

The plan and budget

Now me and some friends from other parts of the country and world consider it a duty to visit her one more time meanwhile she is alive to say goodbye and also help financially her and her economically anyway struck family and the trip is planned for the first week of November, spending there Mexican Day of the Death.

So, what do I need? $1.500 USD or equivalent $33.000 Mexican Pesos until 31st of October, to be able to travel to the Mazatec Mountains, Oaxaca, Mexico to support and financially help Julia Casimiro and her family, and say goodbye to that exceptional woman, as it is her will.

The help they need as a direct consequence of the illness is: medical expenses, general living expenses (they basically live from their corn crops but now she cannot work anymore), funeral related expenses such as a coffin.

How if I can not reach the target

The idea is to be able to go see her and helping that way, but if there are not enough funds for both things that I will give the family the compete amount of donation as a relief, so even if the financial goal is not reached the family will be helped, also so they can go on sharing their indigenous knowledge with people who feel the need to, as they have been doing so far.

But now I don’t have economic resources anymore and even though the campaign is not finish yet, in reality our trip is planned for 31st of October. Any moment after that date could be too late to see her.

Please make this journey possible!

I hope you could help with any amount to make it possible to go see her to value her for all the great difference she has made in the life of others as medicine woman for that is her will.

Thank you indeed very much for reading until here. I value your time, and many thanks again for helping with any amount within your possibilities.

I would be very happy if you could share the project with others [Help by Sharing] that project!

Kind regards,


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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