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Long Distance Love Story

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Hello everyone,

I'm Francisca, I'm 28 years old, I'm from Rio Bueno, a town located in the South of Chile.

I resort to this because today the current situation is very difficult, especially in times of pandemic.

Chile - Venezuela relationship

About 2 years ago I met a boy on the internet, it must be said that he was not having a good time, he arrived on the indicated date, little by little we began to talk, we met all this through a game, I think it was the only way that I could know love, since I don't go out much, at first it seemed strange to talk to someone on the internet,

You know, people are always incredulous in those situations more at my age, I had never had a virtual relationship and distance, little Little did he become more than a friendship and I was no longer interested in talking to more people in that game, only with him, we were connected all day and night, he is from Venezuela until one day I no longer knew about him, I did not know what was happening, 2, 3 days passed and I was very scared by everything that was happening in Venezuela at that time,

until I learned from a Mexican friend that there were generalized blackouts, after a week I heard about him and He told me everything, but so we spent many months, where he managed to send me a message with strangers, just to tell me that he was fine and not to worry, all that affected me a lot and made me feel helpless,

My boyfriend's hard times in Venezuela

Today 22 months after a long-distance relationship, I will use this to help him pay his tickets, his situation in Venezuela is extremely precarious, there are no jobs and the aid is nil,

Raising the money to come to Chile and having a better quality of life has become very difficult, apart from that he has a little daughter who He has needs, my only wish is that he can have a better time here in Chile and so he can help his family,

The cost of the passport is high, it is worth around 200 USD, and the base salary in that country is approximately 7 USD monthly, it is a very high figure. Not counting the money to process a visa, he travels and the money he must have to enter the country.

Usage of the funds

Use of the money collected would be for

• Passport: 200 USD

• Democratic Responsibility Visa: 30 USD

Or Temporary Personal Visa: 60 USD

• Cash required to enter Chile: minimum 500 USD

• Travel from Venezuela to Santiago de Chile: approximately 600 USD

I appeal to the goodwill and good heart of whoever has come to read my story, may cosmic energy always be with you and health reign in your homes 💜❤️

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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