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I want to raise funds for the junior soccer team

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Hello! I am the mother of a young goalkeeper of a football team from the city of Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan, the children in this football team are very talented, they love football very much, they play with such dedication. These are children who run to the field whenever possible, regardless of the weather. They train in terrible conditions. The training dome is so cold that an adult cannot stand there for half an hour, and our children have been training in this cold for the third year.

There are no conditions for children, there is no shower in the locker rooms, they are sweaty and all go outside, there is no special uniform and equipment. Funding from the state is very meager, parents support their children as best they can. All tournaments are held by parents. Despite this, our children are very talented and hardworking, they work hard and diligently under any conditions, thanks to the coach !!! The team shows itself in every possible way in tournaments, takes prizes.🏆

Due to the pandemic, many in our country were left without work, the financial situation of many families deteriorated. Participation in tournaments costs the team $3,000-4,000. But the children are not to blame for anything, it is very difficult to see disappointment in their eyes when there is no opportunity for certain parents to pay their child for his participation in the tournament. Funding for football is poorly developed in our country, and there are many young talents. I ask caring people to help our wonderful football team. Perhaps with your help you will become the cause of the joy and happiness of little youthful talents. Thanks to everyone who read my post till the end! I wish you health and happiness!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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