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Humbly requesting support in this time of personal crisis

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Hello Dear One!

Thank you for taking the time to read and digest this personal sharing and request for valued resources.

I sit perched overlooking the ocean, over at a majestic mountainous coastline, and down upon the beach where my son was born almost 2 years ago. I’m in a personal crisis and am experiencing a great humbling.

My son, a fountain of unconditional love

This coming January 31 is my son’s 2nd birthday. He is an old soul, a fountain of unconditional love. His will is so potent.

Sometimes before he was born, I had this feeling that I wasn’t cut out for being a father. One male elder told me that I simply ought to give my best effort. So then came a question that I had carried with me since I was a boy. When did I ever feel that my best was good enough?

My son, Laya, is not judging me. Actually I gain a sense that he is the only human in my life who isn’t.

You may gasp at this, maybe you hold no judgement on me. I’m sorry, my sentience is not clear sometimes and my perception not fair.

In fact, I know that I have projected onto many of you how you’d judge me if I was to share my truth with you, whether during or after pregnancy, into these cherished days when I have realized that through numerous trials and tribulations.

I need help!

Residing in the ecovillage has been physically demanding. I’m beat. My body is asking me to really slow down.

Isa and I separated earlier this year. Coparenting, being in friendship and in grief, establishing separate households, working diligently to build resilience on the land during the rainy season have all been quite taxing on my well being.

Isa is taking a break from life in the ecovillage to be nearer to beloved community support networks.

I am, too. I’ve decided to drop all my energies to focus on myself. This I’ve never done and it feels quite daunting to do. All of you know how committed I’ve been to birthing goodness into the world. Now I have to focus on my internal sense of this in order to become the father my soul longs to be.

I considered to fly back to the USA

On one hand I considered to fly back to the USA to figure things out there. Then, my intuition says not to mess with the global travel uncertainties. Who knows when I’d be able to see Laya, again!?

Laya is a true joy. I can never voice how much I love I have for him. With this, I have decided to take time to establish myself elsewhere on the island in a place where I know few people. However, my son will be nearby.

This is a time of crisis for me. Not having made much income for the past couple years, trying to live everyday in the presence of my son and his mother, who I can’t thank enough. She’s been incredible and knows that so many people want me to be well and thriving!

I need this financial support at a time so when so many people need it. These are resources that will enable me to be more easeful and restful as I seek to create deep wealth, health, and a renewed sense of wholeness as a human and single father.

Please support me for a deep retreat

With your support, I will take a long-term retreat until his birthday. I will not be distracting myself with income generating activities or social experience. Periodically, I will see my son. I am grateful to the person who has invited me to be at their beautiful property. I was worried to ask!

In setting this new and positive direction, I already experience spaciousness inside of myself.

In the future, I will be consciously pursuing incoming generating opportunities that align with my truth and just transition. My work will be woven from mountain dwelling villages down the watershed to seaside communities. It’s ambitious, and collaborative! It’s ahead in 2021.

Help me to be strong, courageous

I need to be strong. I need to surrender to what’s happening in my life right now so that I can breakthrough, be in adaptation and serotinous self, light my internal fire of transformation and align with what the universe is exhibiting around and within me, sheer beauty manifesting itself!!

One time I was in a meditation and was prompted by the guides. I saw FAMILY PURPOSE BREAKTHROUGH. A while late, I saw a Facebook post which asked me to look into a field of letters for the first 3 terms that I saw - FAMILY PURPOSE BREAKTHROUGH. My karma is the calling y’all!

Whenever we are, whatever we are doing, we need to be strong, courageous, in honor of this great gift called Life.

Please give what you can and what fees comfortable.

Thank you!

I have shared this direct with people who I feel care deeply for my well being. If I’m resonance and willing, please consider extending this story further beyond yourself in case there is resonance. This is very meaningful action!

Thank you so much for seeing and hearing me. Feel free to reach out to me, I’d love to talk more before heading into retreat in a few weeks after I am able to square some things away at the ecovillage.

Blessings to, through and beyond you.



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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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